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Are e-Consultations/Telehealth/Telemedicine Visits Covered by Insurance?

Advancing technology and increased internet access are making an increasing number of personal services available over the internet – including health and medical care.  Telemedicine (which focuses on treating and curing medical problems) and telehealth (which also focuses on prevention and maintenance) are growing in popularity, and many people are now choosing online medical consultations with their physician via video conferencing rather than traditional in-office visits. As more doctors begin to offer e-consultations, more patients are wondering if their health insurance will cover this new service.  Coverage tends to vary from state to state – some states require insurance companies […]


3 Reasons a Blog is an Essential Tool for Your Medical Website

1. Blogging engages your patients. A blog allows you to engage your patients as well as prospective ones by informing them of services, procedures, and changes to your practice. One of the many advantages that comes with having your own blog on your medical website is that it provides the ability to comment on it, and address/answer specific questions from your patients in a more personal, casual tone, than that which may appear from your website, thus allowing patients to relate and connect with your practice. Further, not having a blog will not only make your website look somewhat outdated, but […]

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