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Healthcare Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss in 2016

Medical Marketing Services

The ongoing transformation of the healthcare industry is constantly presenting new opportunities and challenges. The shift towards a digitally empowered generation of healthcare consumer is already underway; according to Pew Research, as much as 72% of patients routinely turn to the Internet for information about doctors, hospitals and medical treatments.

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6 Things to Consider For HIPAA Compliant Web Design

hipaa compliant medical website

Web design for hospitals and healthcare organizations is unique in that great design isn’t the only important factor to consider. Websites must also be HIPAA compliant. Most physicians are already familiar with HIPAA compliance laws and protecting their patient’s personal health information. And when it comes to medical web design, it’s equally as important to keep all aspects of your business HIPAA compliant, too. If not, you could be at risk from penalties.

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4 Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates With Your Healthcare Web Design

conversions for medical web design

It’s easy to overlook the basics of web design amongst the many trends that are constantly churned out. Yet getting the basics right is the most important part of any healthcare web design. Keep these four tips top of mind to help improve your conversion rates. 1. Attract Attention Plain and simple, your website needs to stand out. Consumers are faced with ever increasing amounts of information via the internet, so a site that stands out (for the …

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A Simple Guide to UX vs. UI for Medical Web Design

ui/ux for medical website design

The fundamentals of UX Design and UI Design are ideas that were around long before the internet, but what do they actually mean? In simple terms, UX Design refers to the term User Experience and how a person feels when interacting with a system (this could be a web application, website, or desktop software). UI Design refers to the term User Interface and how everything is designed into a device with which a human being can interact (such as …

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5 Things to Include in Your Small Medical Practice Website

medical web design

Think of your medical web design like a billboard to the world – it says everything about your medical practice online. A well-designed site says that you value your customers by trying to meet their needs online. So, what differentiates a good medical website design from a bad one? How can you engage and fully connect with potential and current patients?

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Designing Your Medical Website Above and Below the Fold

above the fold

The concept of “above the fold” originates from newspapers. Due to the flat display, a great front-page photo or story on the upper half of the front of the newspaper could greatly increase sales. This same idea has been applied to web design. Things that can be seen within the dimensions of the home page screen are deemed above the fold. In recent years, with the explosion of large format display monitors and the increased use of mobile …

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