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Add Some Oomph to Your Healthcare Website With These Low-Budget Tips

We live in an Internet-driven world, and websites are increasingly replacing once-traditional informational outlets as the main source of knowledge for Americans. In fact, according to findings from Pew Internet research, websites play an integral role in patients’ search for health information. In order to capture the attention of some of the people searching for doctors online, your organization needs to have an attractive website with useful tools that engage patients and encourage interaction. With the following add-ons, you can enhance the appeal of your current website and increase credibility without spending a fortune. Add testimonials. Testimonials from patients who [...]


How to Attract More Profitable Patients to Your Healthcare Practice

Driving traffic to your website is important, but only a handful of site visitors will actually prove profitable to your practice. In fact, for most businesses, 80 percent of profits come from 20 percent of customers. This means that finding out who these profitable patients are is crucial to the success of your healthcare practice. After all, how can you attract and retain high-value patients if you don’t know who they are? The most valuable patients are those who: Proactively recommend your services to others. Are satisfied with the care you provide. Pay on time. Are willing to pay full [...]


How to Make Your Medical Website Work for Your Practice

According to recent research from the nonprofit Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 81 percent of adults use the Internet regularly – and 72 percent have gone online to look for health information within the past year. In order to reach these people and lead them to become new patients, healthcare practices are increasingly investing in web design services and Internet marketing. A great website, after all, with carefully-selected elements, can serve as a productivity tool, provide valuable information to patients and attract new business. Here are five things a great medical website should do and do well: [...]


How Your LinkedIn Account Could Put Your Company at Risk

Got a LinkedIn account?  The wealth of personal information on your profile might put you and your company at risk of being hacked. In two recent attacks on Gmail and RSA, the hackers both used sneaky techniques and gathered information to send out what appeared to be trustworthy emails from co-workers.  While it’s unknown where the hackers got their information, social media websites (particularly LinkedIn) are suspected as a potential source. The average LinkedIn profile contains a large amount of personal information that could be used against you, including where you work and links to your colleagues’ profiles.  In a [...]


Google+ for Doctors: Make Big Online Marketing Gains Now

For doctors trying to reach their patients online, using Google+ can provide surprising marketing benefits that help them be more “findable” on the web. Consider that 44 percent of all Internet users search online to find information about health professionals, and suddenly the importance for doctors of having a good online presence should be more clear. In this article I’ll discuss three reasons why I think that, if you participate in Google+, the newest social network, you can improve the chances your name will come up when prospective patients search for something you’ve written about. If you’re not a doctor [...]


New Live Website!

Medical Web Experts is proud to announce a new LIVE website!  Dr. Euna Chung believes in a comprehensive and collaborative approach to psychiatry. By working with other physicians, schools, teachers, therapists and family members, she can build a complete picture of her patient’s unique needs and better understand their condition. By working with others who play a role in her patients’ lives, she can develop an appropriate and comprehensive care plan for each individual she treats. To find out more about child psychiatry in Torrance, California click here!

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