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Medical Mobile Website Design

Why Go Mobile?

medical mobile website designMobile technology doesn't display your website on a smartphone the same way it looks on a desktop computer. A non-friendly mobile website might not fit neatly on a patient or customer's phone screen, requiring extra scrolling and making navigation difficult.

Limitations of a non-mobile optimized website:

  • Small text - Pages with long text are no problem to read on a desktop computer screen, however, on a phone, they are difficult to read and scroll through.
  • Stretched navigation bar and text - Font size and attractive navigation bars are also designed to fit on a bigger screen.  If they are not optimized for mobile devices, they can appear stretched out and ultimately detract visitors from going on your website.
  • Cramped graphics - Non-mobile friendly websites can have bad functionality when buttons and links are hard to click because they're too close together.
  • Missing Flash elements - Flash elements such as videos and banners don't display properly on because of their larger size.
  • Slow loading speed - Your website’s pages load faster on a computer than they can on a smart phone.  When a mobile device attempts to load a page with a lot of images and text, it can take a long time or not appear at all.

With a mobile medical website design from Medical Web Experts, you'll be able to eliminate unnecessary functions from your website, streamline its usability, and give your clients more reasons to visit your site (and attract new clients as well). You'll provide key features that your competition doesn't, giving you a leg up and preparing you for the growing popularity of mobile web browsing.

What is a Mobile Website Design?

A mobile medical website design is a different version of your site built with easier navigation so that users can better browse your site on the smaller screen of a smart phone or tablet.  Although it looks different than the website’s “computer” version, it contains all the same pages and contents.

Patients and all internet users can access and visit a mobile-optimized website from their devices anywhere—with no extra mobile app downloads.  Mobile website designs will not only look better on mobile phones; they'll invoke key design elements that make navigation and surfing your site a breeze.

Mobile website design features:

  • No fancy Flash shows that don't appear on iPhones
  • Larger in-text links that can be clicked easily
  • Buttons for easy navigation
  • Less text entry to log in or use the website

A mobile website is different than a mobile app, which requires users to download a service and learn how to use it (then remember that they have the app anytime they want to visit you online). A mobile website, however, is accessible from any point and requires no extra downloads on the part of the user. Since your patients and customers are used to visiting your site from the internet, they'll be more likely to check you out online first - and studies show that mobile users prefer a browser to an app.


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What is Responsive Web Design and Why is it Often the Best Choice?

Although mobile websites designed specifically for mobile devices are as popular than ever, many organizations either don't have the budget, or have too much content to adequately maintain two separate sites. This is where Responsive Web Design (RWD) comes in.

RWD is a new way of building sites to “respond” to the screen size of a variety of devices so that you can easily read and navigate the same website on a cell phone or desktop computer. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to go online, which is why responsive design is the standard for new website development today.

In some cases, our clients request both a responsive web design site and a mobile website. However, this is usually reserved for larger sites. If you're tight on budget or time, responsive design is often the best way to create optimal user experience for your website.

Here's an example of a responsive site:

Try browsing it on your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Why Choose Medical Web Experts?

We're experts in designing the perfect browser-compatible websites for any medical practice or healthcare organization - and our mobile medical website designs are just as perfect for your business.

Our mobile sites are built to be compatible with all Mobile Web, Android, iPod, iPad, Tablet PC's and BlackBerry devices and operating systems. For more information on reaching out to your client base through mobile web browsing, Contact Us online.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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