Agile Methodology

Our Approach to Web Development

Agile development methodology is a way of creating software that focuses on delivering working code sooner and offering the client flexibility to change the scope of the project. The agile approach means that you stay in control of the software we’re building for you.

What’s wrong with traditional software development methodology?

The traditional (or “waterfall”) approach to project management requires extensive planning of the entire project, start to finish, before any code is created. But the client’s requirements often change as the project carries on, and such detailed plans leave little space for changes or new ideas.

An agile approach means a website and software that can grow with your business. Our focus is on delivering useful software early and often, working closely with our clients and welcoming changes – even late in the development process.

Our Methodology – The Agile Way

  • We focus on building the structure one feature at a time, planning each new feature as you go.
  • See and review working code within the first few weeks rather than many months later.
  • It’s easy to change the scope of the project – altering user behaviors, adding new features, etc.
  • Client contributes to the development of the project, meeting with the team and giving their feedback every two weeks.

Agile at Medical Web Experts

Our focus is on being flexible and meeting the needs of our clients. We use the agile methodology because it helps us achieve that goal. We welcome our clients’ involvement in the development process, and we want to deliver usable software as fast as possible. Agile allows us to present a working version of your software faster than another company would take to plan and document.

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