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5 Unexpected Ways a Press Release Can Help Your Business

One of the most powerful tools in a medical marketing agency’s  arsenal is the press release.  Originating as a way to brief reporters about a potentially newsworthy event, the practice of distributing press releases has moved online and shifted to fall more in line with marketing and SEO. Today’s press releases are often distributed by marketing agencies to announce new company developments, the addition of a new staff member of service, new locations, or any other important information.  …

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Local SEO: The Tips and Tricks to Getting Local

Should you have zip codes at the footer of your page? Will this boost results? Yes, but not too many! In order for your page to get higher ranks in Google, you will want to have added the address of your company not only to the footer of the page, but also to a separate contact page created especially for your site.  Here is a list of the top 10 MUST have’s on your site so that you …

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10 Cool Communication and Information Elements You Should Add to Your Medical Website

1.   Custom Search With the custom search in your website, you can let your visitors search your site and also other interesting websites you chose. You can even earn revenue from your site with sponsored results. 2.   Maps This is the best way to show your practice locations, not just your address, but also the exact spot on the map! 3.   Calendar Add the Calendar element to your site, and show visitors dates of important events. You can …

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How to Write a Medical SEO Friendly Blog Post

Are you thinking about starting a content marketing campaign to increase your medical practice’s visibility in search engines? Follow these 10 steps to create SEO-friendly blog posts. Write the blog entry.  Two to three short paragraphs is more than enough. Write about keyword related topics that are interesting for all customers and potential customers. All articles should be new and original content. Do not duplicate content on multiple blogs or articles. Write about current events that may relate …

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Finding the Best Internet Marketing Campaign for your Medical Practice

Whether you have a 5-person staff working in a small town office or you’re running a big city, multi-location practice, it is essential that you invest in the right kind of physician practice marketing campaign. Most doctors hear the word “marketing” and they imagine buckets of money being poured into paper ads but in today’s day and age, marketing has turned into a revolutionary solution for all businesses including the medical industry. Internet Marketing, specifically, allows practices of …

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5 Tips for Press Release Marketing and SEO for medical practices

As “new media” transforms news, the press release has always been a source of heated debate in the communications field.  Some say press releases are dead, while others say they are the strongest tactic for SEO efforts available. For years now there has been a consistent gap between public relations professionals and search engine optimization professionals in the area of the press release. Shockingly, many public relations agencies are still not using SEO to their advantage, while many …

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Twitter for Doctors & LinkedIn for Physicians

Twitter for Doctors: Twitter is faster and shorter. It’s only a status message of 140 characters – so you really need to be careful. This tool allows you to build relationships and facilitate dialogue.  Even if your account may have been created to represent your business, forging personal connections and building relationships is also important, so don’t be hesitate to answer questions or just greet patients. Remember to be serious and protect your brand image. Be sure to …

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Facebook for Doctors – Does a Physician need a Facebook Account

To start with Facebook, you will need to set up a fan page for your medical practice. Once completed, you can start posting. It’s recommended not to post too much or everyday, as you will be mistaken for a spammer; don’t post as infrequently as every 15 days either, as you need to be active. So you have really think about what you are posting.  Useful information, new practices and new discoveries never disappoint. And always remember, the …

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How to Use Social Networking to Market a Medical Practice

Medical social networks are one of the best new internet tools to market something.   Once you have your professional website, you should consider medical social media as a good way of promoting it. In sites like Facebook or Twitter you can establish a direct relationship with your patients and target those on your geographic area of work.Plus you get some referrals of real patients and if they follow you, their followers will see the referrals and that might …

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Plastic Surgery SEO as an Emerging Attractive Internet Marketing Strategy

The U.S. Economy is expected to grow 3.5 to 4 percent in the year 2011 compared to just under 3 percent growth recorded in the year 2010. Most of this growth will come from consumer and business spending as well as personal consumption expenditure (PCE). Such changes in the U.S. economy present a plethora of new marketing challenges and needs for industries all across the board. Some of the most affected industries are those that were been hit …

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