How to Automate Administrative Tasks and Optimize Your Medical Practice

Introducing new technologies to streamline time-consuming processes can help your practice boost its bottom line by making more efficient use of your employees’ time. These simple recommendations will help you increase productivity, optimize operations, and even improve patient satisfaction. 1. Implement a patient portal. Online healthcare portals don’t just provide benefits to physicians participating in Meaningful Use. In fact, practices that aren’t enrolled in the EHR Incentive Program can get just as much value out of a patient …

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Bill Chun MD

Dr. Bill Chun MD, a leading provider of robotic surgery in New England, has a new website! Dr. Chun’s medical practice, Northern Essex Women’s Health, offers the most innovative healthcare technologies and practices. Dr. Chun has 27 years experience in medicine and is passionate about helping women take charge of their healthcare. Visit Bill Chun MD to learn more about his services. To learn more about our customized approach to health care web design visit our medical website design homepage.

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3 Reasons Social Media Is Essential for Success in Healthcare

Social media has become an indispensable part of many people’s lives. In fact, few people will commit to something – from eating at a new restaurant to making an appointment with a new doctor – without doing a quick Google search first. This means that strengthening a medical Internet marketing strategy with a social media aspect is essential for the success of any business. Healthcare organizations that choose not to participate in social media could be losing out …

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4 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Patient Portal

Once considered a nice option for EHRs, patient portals are now becoming a necessity for small practices and hospitals alike. Unfortunately, not all patient portals are created equal, and many lack important capabilities or features. Selecting a sub-par patient portal can severely limit an EHR’s ability to unlock its full potential of benefits, and it can easily increase costs for physicians in the long run. Many patient portal vendors employ strategies to help physicians meet Meaningful Use requirements; …

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Interoperability Device Savings Estimated to Exceed $30 Billion

A recent study by the West Health Institute, an independent non-profit research organization, found that hospitals could save more than $30 billion by improving interoperability between medical device systems. The comprehensive study, titled “The Value of Medical Device Interoperability,” was released and reviewed last month at a hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. The study focused on waste – or any activity that does not add value to the health care system – and …

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Why Reputation Management Matters in the Medical Industry

Whether you like it or not, your customers are posting reviews about your company on websites all across the Internet. These reviews provide potential customers with a glimpse into the products and services your organization provides and can sway them to choose your services over those of a competitor. However, they can also be damaging to your company’s reputation. In fact, according to a Nielsen “Global Trust in Advertising” report, online reviews are one of the most trusted …

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How Can I Increase Patient Portal Usage?

Determining how to increase patient engagement is becoming increasingly important within physician practices. If a practice wants to successfully attest to Meaningful Use Stage 2, as part of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs, it will need to prove that patients are actively engaged in using their patient portal. Here are some suggested tips for getting patients (even reluctant ones) to register to use the portal and to continue using it over time. Raising Patient Awareness This …

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Hire the Right People for Your Medical Practice

It takes time and money to recruit and train new staff, and hiring the wrong person can affect your medical practice’s bottom line. To maintain a well-functioning business, make the most of the recruitment process, and improve the odds of hiring a qualified candidate that is a good fit for your practice, your healthcare organization can employ a few simple, tried-and-tested strategies. Make a list of attributes you want in an ideal candidate. This includes a list of …

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¿Por qué implementar un Portal de Salud para pacientes?

De acuerdo con una encuesta de Black Book Rankings, una empresa estadounidense que se dedica a realizar investigación de mercado sobre tecnología y servicios médicos, el 17% de los profesionales médicos quieren cambiar su Registro Médico Electrónico (EMR). Aunque la encuesta se trata de profesionales en EEUU, lo mismo se puede decir para médicos en países de Latinoamérica. Muchos hospitales, al igual que clínicas privadas, implementaron sistemas electrónicos de registro médico sin saber bien las funcionalidades que iban …

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5 Essential Branding Tips for Healthcare Organizations

With countless new businesses emerging in the marketplace, it is more important now than ever to set your healthcare organization apart from the pack – and establishing a brand identity is one way to do so. Here are five simple tips to get you started: Remember the three main branding objectives. 1) Help patients learn more about your organization; 2) convince them to choose you over the competition; and 3) make them want to recommend your organization to others. Focus …

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