How to Best Market Your Medical Practice

There are many reason why you should market your medical practice online. Some examples include: Gaining market share Increasing revenue Increasing patient volume Increasing online visibility in your area Addition of a new office location However, many people in the medical community are turned off by word “marketing” because they associate it with advertising. Rather than see marketing as an engine that can influence choice by demonstrating the real value of a particular product or service – in this case, health …

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The Wallace Center for Anti-Aging New Website Live

The Wallace Center for Anti-Aging considers age management and natural bioidentical hormone balance to be at the forefront of medicine today and the health care of the future. As a hormone doctor, Dr. Jeanne Wallace she is a strong proponent of patient friendly medicine that involves listening carefully to each patient and practicing in a kind, respectful and supportive manner. This, combined with cutting edge therapy, helps each patient enjoy a happy, balanced, healthy and productive lifestyle. Visit …

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Principales tendencias de comercialización y técnicas de marketing actuales

El marketing medico es una industria que esta en constante cambio y crecimiento. Mantenerse al tope de lo que resulta efectivo puede ayudar a la oficina de un médico o a una organización del cuidado médico a tener éxito en el mercado con un alto potencial en las ganancias realizando el mínimo esfuerzo. 1. Construya su marca. Crear una identidad única que comunique lo que su organización de cuidado médico representa puede ayudarle a distinguirse entre la competencia …

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Cómo funcionan los motores de búsqueda

Los motores de búsqueda se han convertido en algo muy natural hoy en día. Si una persona desea encontrar un médico o una clínica, investigar sobre una condición médica, o cualquier otra cosa que se le pase por la cabeza, seguramente se pongan frente a su computadora y hagan una búsqueda en alguno de los motores que ofrece la Internet. Un motor de búsqueda es un programa diseñado para buscar cualquier información en línea y provee resultados, que …

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Allscripts Considers Selling, Creates Uncertainty Among EHR Users

After several news outlets reported last month that EHR vendor Allscripts could be looking for a potential buyer, the company finally made public last week that it is, in fact, considering a sale. Company executives, however, have also made it known that they are looking into other alternatives, as well. Despite the fact that a buyer hasn’t been announced and that Allscripts could keep from changing hands, third-quarter revenue still dropped, and the company’s stock price is approximately …

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Abadir Associates New Website Live

Abadir Associates mission is to promote leadership in dermatology and excellence in patient care. They aim to deliver experienced evaluations and advanced treatments to each of their patients in a comfortable environment and timely manner. In order to stay relevant, they recognize and assess the latest technological advances and procedures for an improved patient experience. The goal at Abadir Associates is to form a relationship with patients based on mutual respect and trust in which they can educate and …

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How a Search Engine Works

Search engines today are second nature. If a person wants to find a health care or medical business, research a medical condition, or anything else that may cross their mind, they will surely head to their computer before all else and conduct an online search with the help of a search engine. An internet search engine is program designed to search for information online and provide search results, which are usually given in list form on several pages. …

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New Care-Quip Website Live

Care-Quip Argentina’s mission is to provide the community with excellent products for rehabilitation with the goal of improving the quality of life. Care-Quip Argentina is dedicated to the import, manufacture and wholesale distribution of high quality orthopedic, mobility, and rehabilitation products. Visit their new Care Quip website to learn more about their service. To learn more about our customized approach to health care web design visit our medical website design homepage.

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Content Marketing Must Change with SEO Changes

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) for a medical or health care business is to increase that business’s search engine rankings and reach. However, achieving this goal isn’t as easy as it used to be. The era of SEO for SEO purposes only is done. Search engines have evolved with SEO, and are now able to distinguish the real content versus the SEO spam. The internet is changing constantly; what works one day may not work another. Any SEO expert …

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Maximize the Reach of your Press Release

The intention of a health care or medical press release is to distribute news or an announcement to the public for them to view and share. Only 14 percent of press releases posted on the internet use search engine optimization techniques, according to a PRESSfeed Online Newsroom and Digital Media Relations survey. This means that the majority of press releases are not achieving their maximum potential reach. Without optimizing for search, marketers may be falling short. The following …

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