Content Marketing’s Branding Power

Online content marketing is the next digital media revolution. The first was the Google search revolution, allowing the public to use the internet for all their needs, wants, and desires. Then came the introduction and rapid expansion of social media networks, allowing those users to connect and share online content with their friends, fans, and followers. Content marketing is a combination of the two, and health care and medical providers can strategically use it for both their and their …

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Why Medical Providers Should Use Online Content Marketing

Online content marketing is an innovative, crucial factor of marketing that is gaining popularity and success for many health care and medical providers, yet many companies aren’t incorporating into their current marketing schemes. Online content marketing is the creation of content that brings potential consumers to a business’s website and helps generate sales once a consumer gets there. According to a survey conducted by eConsultancy, over 90 percent of people believe that online content marketing is something will …

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Southern Ohio Medical Center New Website Live

Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) is a not-for-profit hospital in Portsmouth, Ohio, providing emergency and surgical care, as well as a wide range of other health-care services. SOMC has been in the community since 1954. Their mission is make a difference in the lives of patients, employees, and the surrounding community. Visit their new Southern Ohio Medical Center website to learn more about their practice. To learn more about our customized approach to health care web design visit our medical website …

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Primary Plus New Website Live

Primary Plus is a primary care center offering patients affordable, quality health care. Their services include family health, OB/GYM, pharmacy, dental, counseling, and their trademark LEAP program. Visit their new Primary Plus website to learn more about their health care business. To learn more about our customized approach to health care web design visit our medical website design homepage

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Tennessee Pediatrics New Website Live

Tennessee Pediatrics provides primary care for infants, children, and teens throughout Tennessee. Each of their practices not only offers weekday appointments, but also provides care evenings and/or weekends, including walk-in hours, to make it even easier for parents to access care for child. At Tennessee Pediatrics, they believe their most important job is to remember that they take care of children. Their team strives to provide child-friendly, exceptional quality medical care in an environment that is inviting and comfortable for …

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The Pediatric Associates of Michiana new website live

The Pediatric Associates of Michiana provide quality and compassionate care for children, from newborn through adolescence. It is their pleasure to work with parents, sharing both the excitement and challenges of the parenting journey. Visit their new Pediatric Associates of Michiana website to learn more about their health care business. To learn more about our customized approach to pediatric web design visit our medical website design homepage.  

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Five SEO Tips to Learn from Wikipedia

It’s no coincidence that when a medical-related search term or phrase  is typed in to a Google search bar that is the top slated search result. Looking at Wikipedia as a model for search engine optimization (SEO) can offer health care providers several fundamental SEO basics to optimize their website’s search results. Usability: People use Wikipedia often, whether for general knowledge or as a reference source. Its content is well written and comprehensive, and people trust it. The more Wikipedia …

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First Providers Choice New Live Website

1st Providers Choice provide products specially designed as an integrated software solution that streamlines the day-to-day operations of a busy practice and reduces documentation and paperwork. Their focus is on medical billing and EMR in addition to developing trusting relationships with clients. Visit their new 1st Providers Choice website to learn more about their business. To learn more about our customized approach to EMR web design visit our medical website design homepage.    

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Tablet compatible websites are becoming a necessity

Global sales of tablets reached over 64 million units in 2011 and are projected to increase to 232 million units in 2016, according to the most recent Tablet Technology and Markets report from Futuresource Consulting. Not only are sales projected to rise 200 percent, but the Adobe Digital Index report projects that tablets will create more web traffic than smartphones by early 2013. Although the Apple iPad dominates the market, its competitors have entered the market and seem …

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Turn online traffic into patients using these Search Engine Optimization tips

If your business is in the medical field, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a valuable resource to enhance your website traffic and increase your patient base. But if the online medical marketing content published doesn’t captivate your audience, you could be losing potential patients. A positive online presence is crucial in successively running a healthcare business; we are, after all, in the era of the Google search, and these days, you don’t need a MD to publish …

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