Are e-Consultations/Telehealth/Telemedicine Visits Covered by Insurance?

Advancing technology and increased internet access are making an increasing number of personal services available over the internet – including health and medical care.  Telemedicine (which focuses on treating and curing medical problems) and telehealth (which also focuses on prevention and maintenance) are growing in popularity, and many people are now choosing online medical consultations with their physician via video conferencing rather than traditional in-office visits. As more doctors begin to offer e-consultations, more patients are wondering if …

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3 Reasons a Blog is an Essential Tool for Your Medical Website

1. Blogging engages your patients. A blog allows you to engage your patients as well as prospective ones by informing them of services, procedures, and changes to your practice. One of the many advantages that comes with having your own blog on your medical website is that it provides the ability to comment on it, and address/answer specific questions from your patients in a more personal, casual tone, than that which may appear from your website, thus allowing patients …

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What Does It Take to Get the Benefits of Social Media?

Marketing professionals are taking advantage of the social media more now than ever before.  A study conducted by the Social Media Examiner revealed that the majority of marketers, 59%, are engaging in social media for at least 6 hours a week. Another 33% of marketers are spending at least 11 hours a week engaging in social media while about 15% dedicate at least 20 hours per week. These numbers demonstrate the importance and emphasis that is increasingly being …

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The Dos and Don’ts of Running a Company Meeting

An effective meeting accomplishes a predetermined set of goals in a constructive way while using company time efficiently.  Following the proper rules for appropriate meeting behavior (note: these are rules for both meeting leaders and attendees!) helps make it more valuable, briefer, and a better experience for all involved. DO: Set a clear objective before the meeting.  Think about what you would like the meeting to accomplish and to what extent.  Go beyond “review performance reports” or “discuss …

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South Slope Pediatrics New Live Website

South Slope Pediatrics have been providing quality, personalized pediatric care to the families of Park Slope, Brookyln for the last 10 years. Their focus is on children’s health and well-being and developing trusting relationships with parents. Visit their new South Slope Pediatrics website to learn more about their practice. To learn more about our customized approach to pediatrics web design visit our medical website design homepage.  

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Three Ways Video Can Help Your Medical Practice: Part 3 – SEO

Marketing for doctors has moved into the twenty-first century – and a video marketing campaign is a great way to build up your efforts and increase traffic to your site.  Let’s examine the third function of video. Video Function #3:  Your SEO campaign As far as your search engine optimization campaign is concerned, the main goal of a video is to increase search engine rankings results and boost web traffic.  Releasing a well-made video featuring your practice can …

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Three Ways Video Can Help Your Medical Practice: Part 2 – Links

Video can be an enormous help for your medical website design and marketing efforts.  Let’s continue by looking at the other two main functions of video in a medical marketing campaign. Video Function #2:  Links to your site Imagine an easy way to get other people to link to your website and talk about your medical practice.  A video – if posted, hosted, and embedded the right way – can bring a huge amount of traffic to your …

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Three Ways Video Can Help Your Medical Practice: Part 1 – Branding

In the world of online marketing, videos are far more versatile and beneficial than most doctors would think.  Adding a video to your website (and doctor SEO campaign) is more than just a frill – it’s a way to increase traffic to your website and attract new patients to your practice. There are a number of different functions of video in your marketing campaign.  In this four-part series, we’ll focus on the three main approaches as they relate …

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New St. Louis Pediatrics Website Live

We are pleased to bring you the new live St. Louis Pediatrics website design. Their board of certified St. Louis pediatricians is committed to the health of your children and to fostering collaborative relationships with all their patients. By providing online appointment scheduling and information about common medical concerns, their new interactive pediatric website is designed to better serve their patients. To learn more about our customized approach and wide range of features visit our medical website design …

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How Your LinkedIn Account Could Put Your Company at Risk

Got a LinkedIn account?  The wealth of personal information on your profile might put you and your company at risk of being hacked. In two recent attacks on Gmail and RSA, the hackers both used sneaky techniques and gathered information to send out what appeared to be trustworthy emails from co-workers.  While it’s unknown where the hackers got their information, social media websites (particularly LinkedIn) are suspected as a potential source. The average LinkedIn profile contains a large …

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