EMR Success Requires Some Attention to Detail

It’s no secret that transitioning to electronic medical records can be difficult for some practices.  Beyond the stress of choosing a system, financing, and teaching your team to use the equipment, many medical offices find themselves avoiding the amazing benefits of an EMR system simply because of the trouble they expect related to implementation. As discussed by medical software blogger Katie Matlack, who covers medical software for Software Advice, a free online resource, EMR systems offer amazing benefits …

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How Personalized Google Results are Changing the Face of SEO Rankings

People often think of search engine rankings as something universal, seen the same by any person who enters a given search term into Google from any place.  Internet marketing experts know that Google’s algorithm incorporates a number of personalized factors into its rankings – factors that change the way you see results from different locations, different computers, and even with different friends. In each search query, Google utilizes: Local search results.  Google brings up results specific to your …

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DHEA Supplementation for Female Fertility Website LIVE

Medical Web Experts is pleased to bring you a new LIVE WEBSITE! FERTINATAL™ is the first and only DHEA supplement that is specifically designed to enhance female fertility. Endorsed by the Center for Human Reproduction, the only center to hold patents regarding DHEA supplementation, this new fertility supplement is plant-derived and micronized. It has been triple-tested for potency and particle size. FERTINATAL™ and CHR are committed to bringing quality research and development to the infertility field. To learn …

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Healthcare Web Portal from Medical Web Experts Featured on New Social Website How2Connect.com

December 19, 2011 (San Diego, CA) – Healthcare web portal and medical web design agency Medical Web Experts is announcing their partnership with How2Connect.com – an online provider of therapeutic services that promotes health, wellness and community.  Medical Web Experts has developed a unique online patient web portal custom-built for wellness, and it will allow users to communicate securely with licensed clinicians as well as learn new techniques for improving their health. “How2Connect.com’s groundbreaking approach to behavioral healthcare …

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Creating Your Medical Website

Doctors everywhere are catching up with the times by creating a website for their practice. If you are a practicing physician considering different medical website design companies, here are some questions you should ask yourself: 1. Do they have the experience to create a visually pleasing website? This question sounds like a no-brainer but it’s so important. One way to make sure that their graphic design is professional and sleek is to ask to see other websites that …

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New LIVE Website

New Medical Web Experts LIVE WEBSITE! At Nephrology Physicians of Houston, they are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, thorough, and patient-centered care available. They strive to offer their patients the most appropriate and effective treatment from diagnosis to treatment for their condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are committed to our patient’s treatment and understanding of their diagnosis whether dialysis or transplantation be necessary. To learn more about nephrology website design click here.

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Website LIVE!

Medical Web Experts is proud to announce a NEW LIVE WEBSITE!  Parkway Pharmacy is committed to providing a standard of pharmaceutical care second to none. Our experienced staff accomplish this by always striving to exceed our customers expectations in a professional and efficient manner. Click here to find out more about pharmacy care in Lakewood NJ!

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Take Advantage of SEO Marketing Through Medical Writing Services

Medical Writing Services can increase your website’s traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) and using number of strategies that has your webpage get to the top in search engine results. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing strategy that has search engines find and rank your site higher than other related sites through mastering the algorithmic search results that top search engines like Google use to rank and find pages. Why do I need SEO? …

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Studies Evaluate the Impact of Patient Portals

Although patient portal technology is relatively new, the importance of this development in the medical field has already prompted several peer-reviewed case studies to examine in the overall efficiency and impact of patient portals on healthcare delivery. Patient Satisfaction A 2005 study conducted by Tang and Langsky on the My Wellness Portal provided through the Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network found that: 60% believed it improved patient-provider interactions The majority of patients found the portal to be “valuable” Patient …

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New Live Website!

Medical Web Experts is proud to announce a new LIVE website!  Dr. Euna Chung believes in a comprehensive and collaborative approach to psychiatry. By working with other physicians, schools, teachers, therapists and family members, she can build a complete picture of her patient’s unique needs and better understand their condition. By working with others who play a role in her patients’ lives, she can develop an appropriate and comprehensive care plan for each individual she treats. To find …

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