Five Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs a Website

Reach New Markets with a Global Audience On the Internet, you aren’t a local small business anymore. You have the potential to be seen by millions of people nationwide and across the globe. Without a doubt, the Internet is the most cost-effective way to trade nationally and internationally. Improved Customer Service By providing answers to common questions on your website, information requests can be processed automatically and immediately, whether someone is in the office or not. Online forms …

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Marketing a Medical Practice: Traditional vs Online Marketing

2011, Technology is everywhere… and you can’t imagine living without that small tiny life savior called smartphone. Internet is your basis, and you trust Google more than you trust your neighbor. Still, not so many people trust Online Marketing, often professionals view Internet Marketing as something not so very clear, specially when we talk about marketing a medical practice. Here are some statistics to understand why nowadays being online is so valuable. Search marketing is the most efficient …

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Why Your Medical Practice Absolutely Needs a Website

As a physician, you are expected to have a website. When it comes to our health, we are always looking for the latest technologies – therefore, we expect our doctors to be modern and up-to-date. “Artists, companies, and salesmen all have their own websites, so why wouldn’t my doctor? Maybe because he owns an old practice. Maybe he’s not up to date on the latest technologies?” Printed Yellow Pages are over, and Google has become the easiest and …

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Going Mobile with your Healthcare Website Design

Mobile website traffic is, not surprisingly, on the rise.  Taking a quick glance at one of our main EMR clients, we see an 85% growth in mobile traffic from 2010 to 2011 and this is standard.  There is no denying that this number will continue to increase as smartphones become more accessible. This is traffic that no website owner should ignore. Certain mobile devices such as the iPhone can technically browse any site like a desktop. However, there …

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Value of SEO based on residual ROI

Quantifying the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts has always proved to be a challenge. Furthermore, providing a client with a forecast on their potential Return-On-Investment (ROI) if they proceed with an SEO campaign is next to impossible. At the rate Google changes their algorithm, no internet marketing agency can guarantee a client a sustainable #2 ranking in Google for any somewhat competitive keyword. But every day people still make a leap of faith to try Search …

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Medical Marketing Blog Provides Tips and Strategies in Post-Healthcare Reform Era

August 26, 2011 (San Diego, CA) – Medical marketing firm Medical Web Experts is announcing the recent launch of their new blog,  The blog provides the medical industry with tips and strategies for marketing, branding, social media and web design tips as well as offering the latest information on search engine optimization (SEO). Started in April 2011, the blog contains a wealth of informative articles on topics including internet marketing techniques, SEO strategies and tips, profiles of …

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Jean Bardenheier, M.D – NEW LIVE WEBSITE!

Medical Web Experts is proud to announce the NEW LIVE WEBSITE of the Jean Bardenheier M.D practice.  Dr. Bardenheier and his staff have conducted the medical practice at this location for the last 20 years, continuing a great practice that had been in continuous operation by his predecessor since about 1960.  They offer complete General Medical and Family Medical services to the eastern San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire areas, with affiliations with the Citrus Valley Health Partner …

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Is your password 123456? Tips for password management

A realistic approach to internet security for medical practices – Part 3: Password Management Do you use bad passwords? Using “123456” as your password for your YouTube account isn’t a security risk to your patients, but passwords such as these are a huge risk to them when used in applications related to your practice. According to a study done by ZoneAlarm, 79% of passwords were found to use risky password construction. They also found that passwords containing “12345”, …

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Aviva Health & Wellness – New WEBSITE!

Medical Web Experts is proud to announce the new website – Aviva! In today’s urgent care model of long wait times followed by an impersonal five minute visit with the physician, many providers have forgotten that the patient is the most important aspect in providing good healthcare. At Aviva, they believe that their clients deserve better. Check out the Aviva website for more on health and wellness in Florida.

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Website NOW Live! Premier Pain Consultants

At Premier Pain Consultants, they understand the way living in pain affects your life. They’re dedicated to more than simply relieving their patients’ pain, and they aim to improve your lives and restore them to full daily function. Medical Web Experts is proud to launch their new site! Click here to learn more about pain management in Texas!

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