Five Reasons Every Physician Needs CRM Software

Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson

Posted on November 14, 2014

Running a medical practice means finding an efficient way to manage complicated processes and records while maintaining communication with patients.

A note to the skeptics: CRM software does just as much for your practice as it does for your patients. CRM software helps medical professionals and physicians meet patients’ evolving needs while facilitating better communication and streamlining all the different processes associated with running a medical practice. Here are some examples:

1. Maximum Organization through Electronic Patient Records

The way that CRM software integrates all of your documentation and administrative tasks electronically means more efficient check-ins, patient care and billing.

2. Transparency and Interaction with Patients

When patients feel like a medical practice or hospital is really making an effort to tailor their systems to patients’ needs, patient satisfaction increases, as does the ability to retain patients.

CRM software helps patients feel more in control of their treatment and medical costs and provide a complete visual of their medical history.

It’s important to remember that these days, patients want access to information about preventative services, how to best prepare for medical procedures and alternative treatments based on demographics and health conditions. CRM software serves as a platform for making this type of data accessible for patients.

Practices and hospitals can also use this software to send out reminders for appointments or screenings, useful information or direct mail campaigns.

3. Less Human Error

As capable as healthcare professionals may be, they are inevitably going to make mistakes. CRM software streamlines processes in a way that mitigates the frequency and seriousness of careless mistakes and errors.

4. Easy Management of Social Media and Marketing Campaigns

CRM software integrates all of your social media accounts so you can post to all of them at once and monitor their activity from one place. Plus ,when you have multiple marketing campaigns happening at once, CRM software helps you figure out which ones actually attracted new patients and appointments through data analytics.

salesforceSome of our favorite CRM software includes Salesforce and Sugar CRM. Salesforce puts communication through social media, apps and websites on the same platform as care providers, clinical, and administrative systems, and even external devices, streamlining all of the processes associated with running a practice. It’s one of the most popular CRMs on the market, and for good reason – it’s feature-rich and user-friendly.

sugar_logo-150x150SugarCRM is great because of its adaptability – its structure allows practices to control and visualize their entire operation with customized reporting and tracking so that staff can spend more time with patients, resolve problems more quickly and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.  What’s more, Sugar is open-source and can be easily modified by your development company to fit your specific needs.


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