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Many healthcare organizations’ mHealth technology apps are lacking in key functionality

mHealth Technologies Falling Short

Digital transformation in healthcare is growing at a rate few could have conceived of previously. However, the creation of engaging and consumer-grade mobile patient experiences and technologies have taken a backseat to clinical innovations. Many of the largest provider organizations continue to fall short in the features, functionalities, and user experience they provide patients through their mHealth technology.

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In 2015, Accenture released a ground-breaking report that highlighted the state of mHealth technology development at the time. In this report, Accenture describes the features patients most frequently request in an mHealth application. These features are:

  • Electronic medical records access
  • Appointment scheduling and changes
  • Prescription refills

As of late 2017, only 22% of the top health systems in the country offered a patient-facing mHealth application that provides all three of these features.

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How do apps from some of the country’s leading provider groups stack up? See our scorecard.
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Chart showing healthcare mobile apps & mHealth apps ranked by Medical Web Experts, a medical mobile app developer.

Medical Web Experts’ approach to mHealth technology development

Medical Web Experts has conducted exhaustive research on the mHealth app development industry for hospitals and health systems. We have been able to form several conclusions that are based on convincing evidence:

  • Hospitals and health systems are prioritizing ease of implementation over functionality and user experience in their mHealth apps.
  • Many organizations still fail to see the connection between a high-functioning mhealth technology app and better patient engagement, which has been shown to improve outcomes and reduce bad debt.
  • The competition for internal resource allocation to digital transformation projects is negatively impacting today’s healthcare consumer experience.

We work with the leading healthcare organizations to create integrated, multi-platform, branded, consumer experiences. Our clients understand the strategic, first-mover advantage of working with the industry’s trusted leader since 2003 to create a feature-rich web and mobile patient platform. Together, we build next-generation solutions that connect patients, providers, and payers in order to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience of care.

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In healthcare mobile app development, there are many technologies to choose from. To help you navigate them, we've created this free guide to a few of the top mHealth technologies, where we explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

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Find out how most mHealth technology is still falling short

Mobile health (mHealth) apps are quickly becoming commonplace among the largest US health systems, with the goals of improving care, strengthening patient-provider relationships, controlling costs, and maintaining a competitive advantage. However, hospitals and mHealth technology companies have been challenged to meet patient demand. Read about our research on the state of healthcare mobile app development among twenty-two of the nation’s premier hospitals:

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