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Why Digital Marketing and the Healthcare Industry Are Perfect for Each Other in 2015

Rising health care costs and easy access to information online mean less revenue for medical providers. Today’s patients aren’t as willing to spend big on treatments or consultations as they were before the recession: last year, nonprofit hospitals posted the smallest revenue growth in the 23 years that Moody’s Investors Service has been reporting the statistics. In an economic climate that leaves providers looking to cut back on expenses, doctors are finding that digital marketing, specifically search, mobile and social, is extremely effective in targeting those that may need their services. More than TV, radio or print, digital solutions like […]


Why Patient Engagement is Taking So Long

HIT today is bigger than ever. Modern software is intended to increase efficiency, organization and communication with patients – but only recently have patients become the focus of health information technology. Why is patient engagement taking center stage in eHealth so late in the game? When the first iPhone was released in 2007, activity on social media pages like Facebook and Twitter exploded, as people began using the internet to organize their lives, interact with their networks and find useful information. Doctors caught on, and saw an opportunity to use technology to better manage their practices. When the U.S. government […]


Approaches to Improving Communication in Hospitals

Poor communication can cause U.S hospitals to waste approximately $12 billion annually, or about 2 percent of revenues, according to a recent study by Accenture. In order to decrease financial losses and increase patient satisfaction, hospitals must improve both face-to-face communication and ICT technology integration. Understanding which areas would benefit from the use of technology– such as patient flow between units– and which would be better-scaffolded by improved face-to-face interactions– the patient-physician relationship, for instance– will allow hospital management to create more efficient, organized and communicative teams. Technological Communication Accenture’s study on communication in hospitals isolated four core problem areas […]


Mobile Health Technology Begets an Interesting New Responsibility for Physicians

Mobile health devices have created easy access to a wealth of information about our own bodies – people can monitor what they eat, track how much they have exercised, measure their blood pressure or find easy answers to questions about illness, diet or fitness. But easy access can also mean too much access, in the sense that sometimes, mobile health technologies can lead to self-diagnosis and, consequently, misdiagnosis. At times, the information these devices give us is open to interpretation and requires the expertise of a medical professional. How can the mobile health industry make sure that doctors and patients […]


New, User-Friendly e-PRO Models Increase Efficiency and Organization of Clinical Trials

Although much of the medical field has made the transition from paper to electronic records, the available models for electronic PROs (patient reported outcomes) have not been as effective or efficient as paper in capturing patient data. Most of the original electronic PROs were designed for more complicated trials, which meant that those with less volume and complexity were conducted on paper because it was less expensive and time consuming. But that may change now, as new models of e-PROs that are integrated with electronic data capture systems have been released. In September 2014, clinical research firm Medidata and ICON […]


Study: Social Media Does Benefit Your PA/Nursing Career

Does social media actually benefit your career? A new survey by Clinical Advisor suggests so. This past August and September, Clinical Advisor asked 350 nurses and PAs about their use of Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Doximity. The survey found that 45% use social media for career purposes. The study also broke down respondents’ impressions of the impact social media had on their jobs in 2014:   28% said social media helped their career. 13% said they are unaware how social media affected their career. 12% said social media had not actively helped their career. 0 said social […]


7 Innovative Healthcare Devices Seen at CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show has returned to Las Vegas, and groundbreaking technology in healthcare is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the convention. With 3600 exhibitors and an estimated 160,000 attendees, CES gathers the best ideas in tech every year, and in 2015, fitness and health-related gadgets are some of the most talked-about products at the show. This year, top new products include a number of portable and easy-to-use devices that collect information from patients in order to increase health awareness as well as create fun and practical incentives to take preventive care measures. Wristbands that measure […]