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A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide To Instagram and Pinterest

Move over, Facebook. Instagram and Pinterest are taking over. The image-centric platforms are the two fastest growing social media networks, edging out highly popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Considering that health, fitness and inspiration are three of the most popular topics on these platforms, healthcare organizations should take notice and capitalize on the mass appeal of these networks to reach a broader audience. Once you know the basics, everything on social media is an experiment. Your brand is the sum ethos created by your posts, so you have room to make mistakes. Use these Instagram and Pinterest […]


Facebook News Feed Updates May Impact Your Medical Practice

In efforts to create a more individualized experience for users, Facebook recently announced changes to its news feed content algorithm based on feedback from users. The updates could affect your healthcare organization’s social media marketing efforts. The social media giant plans to alter the balance between content from friends and pages in three ways:   Users who tend to run out of content will now see more – even if this means seeing multiple stories from the same publisher. Updates from close friends will appear higher in the news feed, which means that content from pages and advertisers will get […]


Don't Breach HIPAA While Messaging & Texting Patients


Secure messaging, video conferencing and social media are all useful communication tools for physicians in light of the accelerating digitization of the healthcare industry. Social media outlets, in particular, are a seductive alternative to traditional communication channels, such as email and telephone, as they allow users to be connected at a moment’s notice. Using services such as these can allow practices to strengthen the physician-patient relationship and can even lead to improved medication adherence and better treatment outcomes. In fact, according to a study conducted at an Australian university, people tend to value video feedback over written comments. For physicians, […]


Three Medical Marketing Opportunities You Should Capitalize On Now

healthcare marketing for mobile

The number one rule of healthcare marketing is to know your patient – and the fact is that patients are shopping for healthcare differently than before. Empowered by the internet and mobile technologies, today’s patients are making decisions about the care they receive long before stepping foot in an exam room. The consumerization of healthcare has become inevitable, and providers must embrace these changes or risk getting left behind. With the right marketing tools and tricks, your organization can curate an enjoyable and valuable medical experience that keeps patients informed and encourages them to assume an active role in their […]


Obama Signs Bill to Change Medicare Payments

Last Tuesday, the Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to change the way Medicare pays physicians. The passage prevented a 21 percent cut in doctors’ pay. President Barack Obama signed the bill into action two days later. Since the 1990s, Medicare payments have been correlated to economic growth under a plan called the Sustainable Growth Rate. The new formula aims to pay doctors according to quality of care. The Children’s Health Insurance Program and community health centers will also be funded for two more years and high-income physicians will pay higher premiums. The passage of the $214 billion dollar deal was […]


Hiring a Medical Web Designer? Don’t Make This Mistake

medical web design

The biggest mistake that many practices make when choosing a medical website designer is hiring a company that doesn’t know much about marketing. They end up with a website that looks good but that isn’t effective in advancing the practice’s goals – for example, attracting new patients. What many fail to realize is that you need a website that not only looks good but that makes people respond to your call-to-action, or in marketing terms, convert. If you want to be sure that your medical web design company knows a thing or two about marketing, consider a few questions: do […]


Five Digital Services Your Practice Can't Afford to Pass On

digital services for patients

Patients want to be equipped with the tools to be active in their own health, and research shows that they are becoming increasingly comfortable using digital services to do so. Unfortunately, most healthcare organizations are lagging on the uptake. A recent study conducted by Technology Advice Research found that over 60 percent of patients say digital services play an important role when choosing a physician, yet less than one third of patients say that their physician offers those services. Medical practices must evolve to meet the expectations of their patients but it seems that many simply don’t know where to […]