How to Effectively Use Content Marketing for Your Hospital

hospital content marketing

Developing content to attract new patients is one of the most valuable forms of marketing for hospitals. Content marketing delivers valuable information to potential patients in a way that informs and engages without doing a “hard sell”. It speaks to customers in a more natural way than traditional advertising, and it works particularly well for hospitals and healthcare providers.

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Reputation Management Tips to Maximize Online Physician Reviews

marketing for doctors - checking online reviews

  According to a survey by the EHR technology recommendations business Software Advice, of over 4,500 patients in the U.S., 42% of patients reported use of online physician review, with the majority (62%) using online reviews in their initial search to find a new doctor. Almost half the respondents would travel out-of-network for a doctor that had more positive reviews. Yelp and are just two of the go-to sites most often used for customer feedback.  A study …

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4 Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates With Your Healthcare Web Design

conversions for medical web design

It’s easy to overlook the basics of web design amongst the many trends that are constantly churned out. Yet getting the basics right is the most important part of any healthcare web design. Keep these four tips top of mind to help improve your conversion rates. 1. Attract Attention Plain and simple, your website needs to stand out. Consumers are faced with ever increasing amounts of information via the internet, so a site that stands out (for the …

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How to Stay HIPAA Compliant When Using Social Media for Healthcare

doctor hipaa compliant on social media

Regulations surrounding the use of social media within the healthcare industry can cause physicians to think that it’s a waste of time, however some providers are beginning to realize that there are actually enormous gains to be made from engaging in social media. Here, we look at how to make the most of social media within medical practice internet marketing while still ensuring HIPAA compliancy.

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A Simple Guide to UX vs. UI for Medical Web Design

ui/ux for medical website design

The fundamentals of UX Design and UI Design are ideas that were around long before the internet, but what do they actually mean? In simple terms, UX Design refers to the term User Experience and how a person feels when interacting with a system (this could be a web application, website, or desktop software). UI Design refers to the term User Interface and how everything is designed into a device with which a human being can interact (such as …

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Micro-Moments: Changing The Face Of Healthcare Marketing

smartphone micro-moments

Not quite sure what a micro-moment is? You’re not alone. Yet recent research, backed by the search giant Google, suggests it’s a game-changer for marketing. The internet revolutionized our access to information. Now, mobile has fundamentally changed the way that we obtain information, and in doing so, transformed consumer behavior forever.

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