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What is EMR? Information to Improve the Patient Experience

With the use of online personal health records becoming more prevalent among web- and health-saavy patients, leveraging technology like patient portals and electronic medical records can be a great way to improve your practice`s image with potential patients.  Distributing information that answers questions like `what is EMR?`, `how does it work?`, and `how does EMR benefit me as a patient?` can help your patients better understand the software – because EMR means more than tools for physicians like simplified filing and iPad medical apps.

Patients may have many question for your office about EMR.  Here are some ideas for information to post about your transition to electronic medical records.

What is EMR?
EMR – short for electronic medical records – is a way to store patient records and medical histories electronically.  This makes your office more efficient by reducing the amount of time spent filing and searching for paper records, as well as making your records easy to transfer to another medical office if you need to be referred.  It makes medical records easy to read and analyze, making your healthcare even more thorough.

How does it work?
Your medical office uses special equipment like scanners and voice readers to transfer all records into the electronic system once an EMR interface has been setup.  Once entered, the information can be accessed from computers inside the office by simply typing in your name.  The information will always be legible, and your physician will have your whole medical history available at his or her fingertips upon searching your name.  Your information is 100% secure, and with your permission it can be sent securely to another office.

How does EMR benefit patients?  Why should I choose a doctor who uses EMR?
EMR makes the patient healthcare experience even better by making your important health information more accessible to your doctor.  It also gives physician offices the option of installing a patient portal on their website – a login feature which allows patients to make appointments, request prescription refills, securely message their doctor, and even access their health records online.  Talk to your doctor for more information on how their EMR system benefits you as a patient.


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