Digital Front Door Development

Increase Patient Utilization of Your Online Services

Propelled by a global pandemic and pressing consumer demand for a better online experience, a digital front door has become an essential part of a healthcare organization’s web and mobile presence. It’s a way to make it easy for patients to access all online services and tools offered by your health system, hospital, or clinic in the same place, which increases patient engagement by making it easier and more efficient for your users to find your online tools.

What Is a Digital Front Door?

Today’s healthcare organizations are often using disparate systems to manage different online services. If your organization offers online appointment scheduling, a patient portal, and online bill pay, you may be using three different software products, which requires patients to log in at three different locations. This can be confusing for a user, and may discourage them from using all of your online services.

A digital front door is a mobile platform that combines disjointed third-party systems to allow all of the organization’s tools to be accessible via a single app. This accomplishes the following:

  1. Creates a single point of access. It’s no longer necessary for patients to remember a separate username and password for each online service.
  2. Integrates different data sources seamlessly. Interfacing disparate tools like EMRs, PM systems, and billing systems can be challenging. A digital front door provides a single user-friendly interface for all the tools patients need to be able to access.
  3. Increases interoperability. A digital front door that works with HL7, FHIR, and CCD standards means that valuable data is more shareable.

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Digital Front Door Common Elements

Patients Are Demanding More Access to Online Services

Now more than ever, patients are expecting a more robust online service offering from their healthcare providers. The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a global shift in the way we communicate, and today’s patients are more likely to expect online services when they call upon the healthcare system.

If your organization fails to offer services like online appointment scheduling, bill pay, and a patient portal, you’re likely losing patients to competitors who do offer these options. But if you do offer online services and your patients have difficulty accessing them, then your strategy is no more effective.

A digital front door is a way to give your patients access to all of your online services in one place, with no need to remember separate login URLs, usernames, or passwords. Creating a more simplified and cohesive experience for your patients will offer them greater convenience and help keep them loyal to your organization.

Who Can Benefit from a Digital Front Door Strategy?

A digital front door strategy is essential for any healthcare organization with multiple online services offered through disparate systems. It’s traditionally been thought that only large provider groups, such as IDNs and hospital networks, need a digital front door – but if your organization offers online services that require your patients to visit more than one single URL, a digital front door is essential for you.

Larger organizations may require more complex and robust solutions, but for smaller healthcare groups – such as provider offices – options tailored to a smaller patient population and smaller budget are available.

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Interoperability First

We specialize in custom healthcare interface development using a wide range of standards, including FHIR, HL7, and CCDA. Our experience in custom interface and API development helps us build digital front door solutions that can integrate with any type of healthcare web or mobile app.

Thanks to our experience building custom software for enterprise healthcare organizations, we have the expertise required to develop an integration strategy and lead the interface development process. Additionally, our digital front door applications are architected in a way that offers the flexibility to accommodate new interfaces in future versions. We create an interface engine that can exchange messages or real-time data with third-parties using REST, HL7, or SFTP.

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How We Build Custom Digital Front Door Solutions

We’ve been building custom portals, apps, and integrations since 2003 – and we know what it takes to make your project successful. We follow a unique process to help bring your startup company’s vision to life.


Knowing what business objectives a project aligns with and how the success and value of a custom health application will be measured is vital to creating a high-value solution.


Outlining a clear set of features and functionalities aligns our team with yours and places a set direction and scope on project implementation.


Establishing a roadmap and order in the design, development, testing and deployment allows clear milestones to be defined and checkpoints to be established between our team and yours.


Ensuring ease of access to and usability of features and functionalities increases the effectiveness of any custom health application.


Our health app developers bring your custom health application concept to life.


First impressions are everything. Testing allows you to make a quality first impression with your application’s end users.


Now that your application has gone from concept to reality, it’s time to start using it.

Our Commitment to HIPAA

HIPAA is complicated, and failure to comply can be costly. You need a partner who understands the challenges facing your organization, and can practically apply measures to ensure compliance. With our proven suite of HIPAA compliant website development and HIPAA hosting products, you can have the confidence that you’re taking the right steps towards compliance with your digital front door.

We undergo regular audits by our internal compliance officer, as well as annual third-party HIPAA audits. These services are extended to our clients as well.

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