EMR / EHR Interface Development for Healthcare

Connect Your Patient Services with Custom Healthcare Interface Development

Medical Web Experts can guide your company through the complexities of healthcare interface development.

Don’t Let Your EHR Interface Development Bottlenecks Delay Your Interoperability Initiatives

At Medical Web Experts, we offer custom healthcare interface development services for connecting EHR/EMR, laboratory information system (LIS), practice management, revenue cycle management, patient portal, and HIE systems. We can interface your application or portal with almost any EHR system, and we have extensive experience with the latest health interface technologies and standards.

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Proven EMR Interface Development Experience

We’ve worked with some of the most recognized names in healthcare to develop custom interfaces between our client’s software product and their existing portal or application.

Bridge Patient Portal
Green Way
Athena Health

We Use the Latest EHR Interface Development Technologies and Standards

Our goal is to make the ever-changing world of health information integration and standards easier for our clients to handle. We make sure that your organization’s custom EHR interface development solution is making the most of recent technologies and following established standards, including HL7 and CCDA.

Blue Button
Snomed CT
The Direct Project

Standards We Work With

Interface Transport

  • TCP/IP
  • SFTP
  • Direct
  • Web Service (SOAP)

Interface Messaging

  • HL7
  • CCR
  • CDA (CCD)
  • XML

Coding Standards

  • ICD-9/ICD-10
  • CPT
  • NDC
  • RxNorm

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HL7 and CCDA Custom Healthcare Interface Development

We’re experts in healthcare interface development using FHIR, HL7, and CCDA standards, as well as building APIs for custom applications. We’ve created a proprietary CCDA parser for handling CCDAs that don’t meet standards, and we’ve developed robust APIs with supporting documentation for use with EHRs, mobile healthcare apps, and more.

HL7 Interfaces Development: Messaging Standard & CCDA Standard

There are a number of ways to interface a healthcare systems’ EHR with a custom patient portal or other third-party software applications. The most commonly used and discussed standards for interfaces in healthcare come from Health Level Seven (HL7) International. HL7 is an organization that develops standards with the aim of providing a comprehensive framework by which electronic health records can be shared, retrieved, and exchanged.

As part of any EMR interface development project, we work with data from HL7’s Messaging Standard and Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (CCDA) standard.

We Speak the Language of Healthcare IT and EHR Interface Development

We have extensive experience using the following transport, messaging, and coding standards in our healthcare interface development projects:

Interface TransportInterface MessagingCoding Standards
Direct Project RxNorm
Blue Button  

Consulting and EMR Interface Development Services

We’ve worked with many of the leading electronic medical record (EMR), health information exchange (HIE), revenue cycle management (RCM), patient portal, and practice management (PM) systems, and we offer consulting services on interface development for these areas. Our project experience includes:

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  • Healthcare interface development and consulting
  • HIE & Interface Engine development
  • HL7 markup/import/export
  • CCD markup/import/export
  • ASTM CCR markup/import/export
  • Direct messaging interface development
  • BlueButton+
  • MirthConnect customization
  • Custom web service interfaces

100% HIPAA Compliant EHR Interface Development

We build custom interfaces with HIPAA in mind, and offer HIPAA-compliant hosting services for software products we develop and maintain. We undergo regular audits by our internal compliance officer, as well as annual third-party HIPAA audits, to ensure complete compliance and the safety of your patients’ PHI. These services are extended to our clients as well.

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