7 Innovative Healthcare Devices Seen at CES 2015

Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson

Posted on January 07, 2015

CES healthcare technology
The Consumer Electronics Show has returned to Las Vegas, and groundbreaking technology in healthcare is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the convention.
With 3600 exhibitors and an estimated 160,000 attendees, CES gathers the best ideas in tech every year, and in 2015, fitness and health-related gadgets are some of the most talked-about products at the show. This year, top new products include a number of portable and easy-to-use devices that collect information from patients in order to increase health awareness as well as create fun and practical incentives to take preventive care measures.

  1. Wristbands that measure vital signs and beyond. Zensorium’s Self wearable device tracks your heart rate and blood pressure without a chest strap, during physical activity or at rest. It also tracks the wearer’s sleep cycles and moods to help them get a better night’s rest and manage stress levels more effectively.
  2. Measure calorie intake through your skin. The Healbe GoBe is a wearable bracelet that automatically measures your calorie intake by reading the glucose levels in your cells and sending the data to your smartphone. No more calorie counting.
  3. Manage insulin and glucose with your phone. Vigilant’s diabetes tracker transmits glucose level data to the user’s smartphone, making diabetes management less manual and much easier.
  4. Plot your baby’s temperature over time. The Pacif-i™ Smart Pacifier measures a baby’s temperature and uses Bluetooth to send the data to a parent’s smartphone.
  5. A cap that tells athletes how severe their head injury was. Reebok and MC10 teamed up to create Checklight, the first head impact indicator that tests the severity of cranial injury through measuring rotational and linear impacts and forces. Athletes wear the product (a comfortable cap) under a helmet.
  6. A blood pressure monitor that plugs into your smartphone. Qardio’s QardioArm is a small, lightweight upper-arm blood pressure monitor that attaches to your smartphone. It’s a device designed for regular home use.
  7. Keep your sun exposure safe. Other gadgets aren’t as focused on fun and games but create just as many health benefits. Netatmo is exhibiting JUNE, a bracelet that measures your exposure to the sun and gives advice on how to protect your skin.

CES 2015 will be running in Las Vegas until January 9th.  To see the full schedule, click here.

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