6 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Website: A Checklist for 2021

Healthcare Website

This past year has led to major transformations in the way healthcare organizations operate and use digital tools to engage patient populations. To stay competitive, it’s important to ensure that your website adapts to this new environment — prioritizing factors like quality content, interactivity, and maintenance — and is optimized for upcoming changes that will impact its performance and ranking. If you’ve been holding off on updating your website, now is a pivotal time to begin making optimizations. …

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What Google’s 2021 Algorithm Update Means for Medical Websites: The 7 Metrics You Need to Know

Medical Websites

You may already be aware that Google is rolling out a new algorithm update in May of 2021 that will impact your medical website’s search ranking. Don’t be scared (yet) if you are nervous that your website doesn’t meet Google’s new standards; you still have time to update your website so that your ranking isn’t negatively affected. Updating your site based on seven key metrics will not only be useful for ranking on Google, but also for keeping …

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White Paper: The Importance of Software Maintenance for Healthcare Organizations

Software Maintenance for Healthcare Organizations

Software Maintenance for Healthcare Organizations: What’s Involved, and Why it’s 100% Necessary for the Success of Your Project Often overlooked in the success of a software product is the importance of maintenance, as well as its role in a product’s evolution alongside user needs. Proper maintenance helps ensure that your application or portal: Is consistently available,  Performs optimally,  Can be used correctly in new browser or operating system versions,  Complies with government regulations,  And is helping your organization …

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6 Questions To Ask When Partnering With A Medical App Development Company

Many healthcare organizations are seeking a means to develop their own healthcare or patient engagement solution, to positively impact patients’ health, and streamline clinical processes. Patients perform many of their day to day activities on their mobile phones, and now they want to be able to engage with their healthcare in the same way. SMS usage has become a preferred way of communication, as 96% of Americans own a cell phone, and text messaging is the most frequently …

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How to Develop a Cures Act Compliant Health App Solution Using OAuth2 and OpenID

Health App Solution

On March 9, 2020, the ONC and CMS released updated rules for interoperability and patient access provisions of the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act. The Cures Act, which was first signed into law on December 13, 2016, was designed to help accelerate medical product development. The Cures Act also included the creation of an interoperable network exchange, which enables the secure exchange and use of electronic health information. It allows for complete access, transfer, and use of all …

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Bridge Announces Patient Portal Biometric Authentication For Fast, Easy, And Secure Patient Portal Login

Our sister company Bridge Patient Portal, a patient engagement software vendor, introduces fingerprint and facial recognition for a faster and more secure patient portal login. Bridge Patient Portal wanted to provide patients with a secure way to access their HIPAA compliant patient portal without the hassle of creating long-form, intricate passwords that must be changed every 60-90 days. This complicated password would also need to be entered again once a user was inactive for a certain amount of …

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Combatting COVID-19 With Coronavirus Mobile Apps

healthcare app

Amidst the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that was first reported in Wuhan, China, on December 31, 2019, people all over the world are turning to coronavirus apps to help keep them informed. Several coronavirus apps have been developed and launched since the outbreak, most of which are used to track the spread of the disease.  What features should a coronavirus mobile app include to promote physical distancing and combat the spread of COVID-19? Based on 18 years …

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Bridge Patient Portal’s New Version 3.0 Provides Healthcare Organizations With An Affordable, Client-Branded Healthcare Mobile App

The complete patient engagement vendor Bridge Patient Portal (our sister company), which provides a client-branded healthcare mobile app and or web format, released its newest version 3.0.  Digital healthcare consumers have become accustomed to high-quality applications from multiple industries, and now they expect the same level of digital capability and self enablement from their healthcare mobile app and other online touchpoints with healthcare and medical organizations. Patients demand convenient self-service tools such as self-scheduling, bill payment, patient-provider messaging, …

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Medical Web Experts Names Jared Mauskopf as Chief Executive Officer

Jared Mauskopf appointed chief executive officer at Medical Web Experts while John Deutsch remains chief compliance officer. DALLAS, TX, February 25, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Medical Web Experts, a leading provider of IT and web development solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced that Jared Mauskopf has been selected as its new chief executive officer, effective immediately. Mauskopf previously held the position of senior vice president and has been with the company since 2013. “I can think of no better person …

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Patient Engagement Software Provider Bridge Patient Portal Announces Record Breaking Growth in 2019

Enterprise patient engagement software provider Bridge Patient Portal, Medical Web Experts’ sister company, today announced record-breaking growth in 2019 with a 68% client base increase and 85% increase in individual patients hosted on the platform. The fully-integrated and feature-rich software provides a complete solution to clunky piecemealed alternatives in the market and enhanced patient engagement, with PC and mobile-first options.  This growth comes as the industry continues to demand better patient engagement software solutions. Enterprise healthcare organizations increasingly …

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