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I Have a Support Request. What Should I Do?

If you have an MWE Service Desk account: Use the MWE Service Desk to submit a support ticket. Your account manager will have provided you with a unique link to access Service Desk.

If you do not have an MWE Service Desk account: Not all of our customers have been provided an MWE Service Desk account. If you do not have one, please call or email your account manager with your request instead. If you are contacting your account manager outside of business hours (9am-5pm ET Monday-Friday), he or she will be in touch with you the following business day. If this support request is an emergency, please follow these emergency support procedures.

If you’re not sure who your account manager is, please complete the support request form below, or call (866) 932-9944.

Support Eligibility

Technical support is available to all clients with any of the following packages for any website, hosted software, custom product, or custom software development project:

  • MWE Basic Hosting
  • MWE Enterprise Hosting
  • MWE Custom Hosting
  • MWE Maintenance & Device Compatibility Packages

When contacting Medical Web Experts for support, please provide a detailed explanation of the problem. This includes URLs on which you're seeing the issue, screenshots, and steps that must be followed by our team to replicate the issue. In many cases, a video recording may be the most effective way to communicate the problem. Failure to provide detailed information might prevent the Medical Web Experts' support team from being able to take action on your issue in a timely manner.

Problem Response Time

Please refer to our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for information on response times.

Due to the complex nature of software and website development and operating environments, Medical Web Experts cannot guarantee that problems can be resolved within any set period. We can, however, guarantee a response time.

Please take into account that Medical Web Experts’ response time may be affected if the client fails to provide requested information and/or remote access to the client’s relevant network(s) or system(s), when applicable. We make our best effort to resolve problems as expeditiously as possible. In some instances, Medical Web Experts relies on 3rd party hosting environments and software, which may limit or delay response times or our ability to resolve issues in these environments.

Critical Emergencies

A “critical emergency” means that an issue is rendering your app, portal, or website unusable. If you are experiencing a critical emergency, please fill out the Support Request Form below and check the box for “This is an emergency”. We respond to emergencies sent via this form even outside of business hours.

Alternatively, during business hours (9am-5pm ET Monday-Friday), you may call your account manager.

Support Request Form


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