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Coordinating Care Across Multiple Patient Groups through Innovative Integrated Delivery Network App Solutions

Medical Web Experts provides integrated delivery networks with an expert team that is committed to understanding their needs and translating ideas into successful integrated delivery network app solutions. We creatively help our clients gain a competitive edge by leveraging the latest technologies to improve efficiency and data sharing across disparate health IT systems, in addition to patient-centered medical web design. What you have to gain: increased team efficiency, improved patient data quality, and better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Custom Integrated Delivery Network Website and Application Development

Our custom HIPAA-compliant web application development will help your organization address the inherent challenges of increasingly complex delivery networks that include multiple inpatient and outpatient groups. Our custom integrated delivery network website designs also ensure that the applications your staff and patients use most are easily accessible on your site.

Integrated Delivery Network Website Services on Mobile

mHealth Application Development

MWE creates custom integrated delivery network app solutions on our singular, modular mHealth app platform, Universe. We build apps that allow patients to navigate across all members of your integrated delivery network for all digital patient services, like appointment scheduling, Rx refills and bill pay.

Integrated Delivery Network App Development for Mobile

Interface Development for Your Integrated Delivery Network App

Link disparate, complex health IT systems and your integrated delivery network app through user-friendly interfaces to promote improved cross-network communication among healthcare teams.

Interface Development for Integrated Delivery Network App Systems

Patient Portal Development

Create a user-friendly patient portal to provide patients with a single point of access for all care management, across all members of your healthcare organization - feature it prominently on your integrated delivery network website.

Patient Portal Integrated Delivery Network App

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Keeping Patients in Your Provider Network Demands an Exceptional Digital Patient Experience on Your Integrated Delivery Network Website

Medical Web Experts has been working with healthcare providers for over 13 years. We partner with each client to create a custom, industry leading healthcare responsive website with the online services patients demand. An integrated delivery network website requires an added level of complexity to create a unified patient experience across multiple healthcare service providers and web and mobile platforms.

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Baylor University Medical Center: Patient and Provider Interfaces for Baylor’s Integrated Delivery Network App

Our custom mhealth app development project for Baylor University Medical Center has patient and provider modes that bring the services each user needs to their fingertips in a user-friendly integrated delivery network app for mobile.

Patient & Provider Integrated Delivery Network App on Mobile
Patient & Provider Integrated Delivery Network App on Mobile
Patient & Provider Integrated Delivery Network App on Mobile
Patient & Provider Integrated Delivery Network App on Mobile

Turn Your Patients Into Your Best Advocates through Convenient Integrated Delivery Network Website Online Services

Women Reviewing an Integrated Delivery Network WebsiteWord of mouth is still one of the most effect forms of new patient acquisition. Delivering a user-friendly digital experience for all online patient services on your integrated delivery network website -- accessible on both desktop and mobile -- gives patients a reason to encourage their friends, family and co-workers to choose our clients as their healthcare providers.

Healthcare's Trusted Provider of Integrated Delivery Network Website Development and Technology Solutions Since 2003

Seal of Experience in Providing Integrated Delivery Network Website SolutionsToday's healthcare organizations are deeply challenged to meet the market demand for a modern, self-service and secure web presence. Without the necessary IT resources and expert knowledge to successfully create, implement and maintain HIPAA compliant integrated delivery network website and mobile technologies, projects face high risk of failure. Medical Web Experts' experience and holistic approach to the development of solutions for its customers has resulted in their unparalleled success for more than a decade.

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We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

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Mailing Address

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Toll-Free: 1-866-932-9944

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