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Bring all of your online patient services together into one mobile app.

The Modular mHealth App for Hospitals

Healthcare organizations have been deeply challenged to meet the market demand for a modern, secure mobile application. Universe is a modular mHealth App Platform for hospitals that allows you to bring all your online patient services together into one convenient mobile app.

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Patient-Centric Hospital mHealth App Development


  • Bill Pay
  • Rx Refill Requests
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Secure Messaging
  • Lab Results
  • … and more


As healthcare’s trusted developers for web applications and HIPAA-compliant software since 2003, we apply the same high security standards to mobile mhealth apps. Our Chief Compliance Officer works closely with the development team to ensure that every aspect of your customized Universe mHealth app passes through careful consideration to ensure a HIPAA compliant mobile app. This means password protection, PHI encryption, and careful adherence to HIPAA privacy and security rules.


With over 13 years of experience in mhealth application development, Medical Web Experts has deep industry knowledge in creating, marketing, and maintaining compliant products that increase provider efficiency and engage patients.

Universe, the First mHealth App Platform for Hospitals and Health Systems

Today’s healthcare consumers experience the world around them largely through their mobile devices. Our healthcare app development company has created Universe, the mhealth app platform for iOS and Android that offers medium to large healthcare organizations the opportunity to publish their own branded mobile app for patients. Universe is also considered a leading healthcare portal in today’s health portal technology.

Consideration of both patient and provider needs is central to our hospital app development strategy. Built on a secure and scalable platform, Universe caters to all patients’ online service needs. The mhealth app also integrates to multiple, disparate systems and supports features such as a lab result portal, appointment scheduling, secure messaging, medical records, ED wait times, physician search, and more.

Universe Pre-Built Integrations

Our mHealth App Platform is Designed for All Your Healthcare Organization’s Online Patient Services

mHealth App Features

  • Patient and referring physician retrieval of documents (ie. lab results)
  • Patient registration/intake workflows
  • HIPAA compliant email/SMS notifications
  • PCI compliant online payments
  • Interfaces to lab and dispensing equipment
  • Interfaces to Labcorp
  • Interfaces to PBMs

mHealth Functionality

  • Bill Pay Bill Pay
  • Rx Refill RequestsRx Refill Requests
  • Physician SearchPhysician Search
  • Location SearchLocation Search
  • Urgent Care Wait Times Urgent Care Wait Times
  • Secure Messaging Secure Messaging
  • Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Notifications Patient Notifications & Reminders
  • CCDA-based Health CCDA-based Health Summaries
  • Lab Results Lab Results

Looking for an even more highly customized mhealth app for hospitals?

Medical Web Experts also offers custom mhealth app development services.

Custom mHealth App Development

Frequently Asked Questions - Universe Platform Hospital mHealth App Development

Applications created using Medical Web Experts’ Universe mHealth Apps Platform are native apps built using React Native to consolidate one backend API across both iOS and Android platforms. Whether you are looking to build an iOS or Android mobile health application, Universe provides you with a scalable, feature-rich app with an intuitive user interface and the functionalities patients want.
Medical Web Experts has been working in health IT for over 13 years. This means that we have acquired a deep understanding of the legal and technical requirements to ensure HIPAA compliance. The mHealth App Platform leverages our industry experience to help health systems and hospitals create HIPAA-compliant mobile health applications.
With Medical Web Experts’ universal mHealth App Platform, health systems and hospitals can easily and securely interface across multiple, disparate systems including EHRs, patient portals, and more.

Download Our Guide to mHealth App Technologies

In mHealth app development, there are many technologies to choose from. Download this free guide to learn about React Native - the technology we use for Universe - as well as other top technologies, and to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Download Guide (PDF)

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Toll-Free: 1-866-932-9944

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