Patient Engagement Strategy Consulting Services

Comprehensive Patient Engagement Services and Health IT Solutions for Connecting Patients and Care Teams

MWE provides a full suite of HIPAA compliant health IT and marketing tools for engaging your patients and leveraging your ability to provide value-based care. Our patient engagement strategy specialists are ready to assist your healthcare organization with all the consulting, patient engagement technology, and marketing services you need to develop and execute a robust patient engagement strategy.

The challenge healthcare organizations face in developing a patient engagement strategy is often that the strategy must span across so many different departments. This makes things move slower and failures in one particular part of the strategy can spread to other parts. This is why it is so important to leverage the experience of experts that specialize in patient engagement.

Medical Web Experts believes that a successful patient engagement strategy utilizes an acronym coined by Medical Web Experts – MAPS:

  • Meaningful Information – That patients are engaged with meaningful information that they need and see value in. Information must be contextual to his/her condition, interests, etc.
  • Accessibility – That communication to patients leverages multiple mediums (ie. SMS, Email, Mobile Push) and that content is easily accessed without the need for complicated authentication (ie. token/PIN numbers, etc.)
  • Promotion – That the patient engagement tools are adequately marketed both online and in the facility.
  • Staff – That there is buy-in from staff (especially providers) and they evangelize these patient engagement tools/services.

Portal & Health App Development with Patient Engagement Strategy Preferences at the Forefront

A patient portal that your patients find useful is no longer an option – it’s an expectation. To help you meet the demand for patient-driven care coordination, we have created Bridge Patient Portal. A totally user-friendly, modern take on what connecting with your healthcare provider should look like, our patient portal has interoperability with most leading EHRs.

Based on what we see in the industry, a 25% patient portal adoption rate among your active patient population is what we consider acceptable. With 50% to 75% being considered high adoption.

John Deutsch, Founder and CEO, Bridge Patient Portal

John Deutsch, Founder of Medical Web Experts

John Deutsch, Founder and CEO, Bridge Patient Portal

Patients want to manage their health to be as easy as managing their bank accounts – and why shouldn’t it be? The Universe mHealth App Platform brings all your online patient services – appointments, prescriptions, test results, and more – under one roof, accessible on the go from your branded, modular mHealth app.

mHealth App Platform in Action: Baylor University Medical Center

The custom mHealth app we created for Baylor University Medical Center’s Heart and Vascular Institute has separate patient and provider interfaces, adjusting to what each user needs. Taking information-driven patient education to the next level, the app serves relevant content to patents based on their conditions of interest.

Web Design that Inspires Action

A mobile-responsive healthcare website is important for ensuring your patients have exactly the tools they need for managing their health. We work with each client to set unique content priorities for each healthcare web development project to engage your patients on both web and mobile:

  • Patient engagement services like Education Resources help patients to understand their conditions and know what questions to ask providers, promoting patient-initiated information exchange.
  • Online Services like physician search, appointment scheduling & cancellation, and bill pay help patients to stay organized while reducing your no-show rates and promoting timely payments.
  • Patient Portal Links give patients easy access to their electronic health records, meeting federal program requirements and allowing them to stay up-to-date on treatment plans and track progress.
  • Clear Calls to Action that encourage patients to take advantage of the self-service solutions offered to them serve to improve population health through patient-initiated actions.

To serve each healthcare delivery network’s needs, Medical Web Experts offers custom development solutions for both mobile and web:

Patient-Centered Web Design in Action: Platte Valley Medical Center

MWE’s mobile responsive healthcare website design for Platte Valley Medical Center caters to patient preferences for information sharing. The site focuses on making it straightforward for patients to find exactly what they need with streamlined integration with the patient portal and social media accounts, as well as the hospital’s content management system, for improved care coordination.

Marketing Campaigns to Push Your Engagement Platforms

Patient engagement strategy technology needs to be paired with a sustained strategy to educate patients and empower them to take health-promoting actions. MWE is experienced in designing patient-tailored, multi-pronged campaigns that improve population health outcomes by encouraging patients to make use of the technology solutions you provide. Our patient engagement marketing campaigns harness a spectrum of channels for maximum impact:

  • Video Marketing to demonstrate the benefits of your patient engagement technologies and showcase inspiring healthcare stories
  • Social Media Marketing to reach patients on the channels where they already spend the most time and harness patient preferences for information sharing
  • Email Marketing to promote your online services and link to targeted patient education materials
  • Web and Blog Content Writing to provide articles and web content that patients find most relevant
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