Bridge Announces Patient Portal Biometric Authentication For Fast, Easy, And Secure Patient Portal Login

Our sister company Bridge Patient Portal, a patient engagement software vendor, introduces fingerprint and facial recognition for a faster and more secure patient portal login.

Bridge Patient Portal wanted to provide patients with a secure way to access their HIPAA compliant patient portal without the hassle of creating long-form, intricate passwords that must be changed every 60-90 days. This complicated password would also need to be entered again once a user was inactive for a certain amount of time due to automatic log out. 

“We want to remove the roadblocks of having to remember complex passwords and give patients a quick, secure, and frictionless experience when accessing health information, paying bills, or communicating with clinicians. The integration of biometric authentication increases patient portal usage by making access easier for the user, which is a common complaint of patients,” said John Deutsch, CEO of Bridge Patient Portal. 

With Bridge Patient Portal Version 3.0, which was recently released in March 2020, patient portal biometric authentication was introduced. This new functionality gives patients peace of mind that their sensitive patient information is protected, and they no longer need to worry about forgotten usernames and passwords. Patients can now securely self-register, reset passwords, and login conveniently without help from staff. (All biometric user data is stored on the patient’s device and not with Bridge.) The new biometric functionality is available on both Android and iOS patient portal mobile apps, that have existing biometric capabilities.

Originally published on 24-7PressRelease:

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