Bridge Patient Portal’s New Version 3.0 Provides Healthcare Organizations With An Affordable, Client-Branded Healthcare Mobile App



Posted on March 09, 2020

The complete patient engagement vendor Bridge Patient Portal (our sister company), which provides a client-branded healthcare mobile app and or web format, released its newest version 3.0. 

Digital healthcare consumers have become accustomed to high-quality applications from multiple industries, and now they expect the same level of digital capability and self enablement from their healthcare mobile app and other online touchpoints with healthcare and medical organizations. Patients demand convenient self-service tools such as self-scheduling, bill payment, patient-provider messaging, electronic prescription refills, and access to medical records. Many healthcare organizations purchase a simple, unbranded healthcare mobile app because they find building a feature-rich, client-branded mobile app to be cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, when multiple patient engagement solutions are in use, connecting all of these solutions into a mobile app is both technically challenging and time-consuming.

“For a positive patient experience, the mobile app should be branded to the healthcare organization, should provide rich functionality, and that functionality should be natively built into the app, not linked out to another app or web page,” said Bridge Patient Portal CEO John Deutsch. “Bridge Patient Portal v3.0 has much of the same comprehensive functionality as our previous version but has been completely optimized and streamlined to work seamlessly from the desktop or mobile app. We spent the last year plus rewriting the code so our customers could publish their own branded mobile app at a fraction of the cost of other options, and patients would get what they want in a mobile app—a seamless web-to-mobile experience.”

Bridge v3.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up and uses one source code for its healthcare mobile app and web application, a single patient login for both formats. The mobile app patient portal also improves the user experience by providing an identical interface and capabilities as the web application. Healthcare organizations with 25 providers or more can now afford to publish a client-branded mobile app, available in both iOS and Android. 

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