Community Care Collaborative Selects Bridge Patient Portal for Patient-Centered Engagement, Spanish Translation and Responsive Mobile Design

Michael Scranton

Michael Scranton

Posted on July 28, 2016

Texas Healthcare Organization Achieves Twice the National Patient Enrollment Average Using Bridge Patient Portal

KIRKLAND, Wash., July 26, 2016 – PRNewswire — Serving the 11th largest metro-area in the United States, Community Care Collaborative (CCC) selects Bridge Patient Portal as its singular portal solution for secure online medical record access, outcome improvement and helping engage patients as the CCC works to manage the healthcare needs of the safety net population in Travis County, Texas

The CCC is a public/private partnership between Central Health and Seton Healthcare Family that purchases services from healthcare providers who serve underinsured and uninsured residents in Travis County, Texas. Its healthcare delivery system is comprised of more than 20 healthcare partners and affiliates, and the CCC purchases services for more than 100,000 patients annually.
After an extensive market analysis, the CCC chose Bridge Patient Portal, a leading enterprise patient portal provider, for four primary reasons.

  • Advanced Spanish translation.
  • Patient-centered engagement across a continuum of care.
  • Responsive mobile design.
  • Ability to connect to NextGen and other disparate Electronic Health Record (EHR) environments with a single portal solution.

The CCC’s largest healthcare provider, CommUnityCare, is the first healthcare partner to complete Bridge Patient Portal implementation. With 24 locations, CommUnityCare serves nearly 90,000 patients each year. In addition, 60 percent of its uninsured or underinsured community is Spanish-speaking.
“The CCC’s healthcare delivery system is being studied by clinicians and administrators across the country,” said CCC Medical Director Mark Hernandez, M.D. “Implementing Bridge Patient Portal is a key element in helping us engage patients as part of the care team while improving outcomes by focusing on prevention and wellness.”
Bridge Patient Portal provides patients with the ability to securely access their medical records 24/7, including a list of their prescription medications, lab and test results, and care plans.  
Mobile Responsive Design
With the proliferation of inexpensive mobile phones, technology adoption for people who fall in the safety net is almost always performed on mobile devices. The CCC wanted to ensure its patient population would have a positive experience while easily and securely accessing the patient portal from mobile devices. Bridge Patient Portal’s responsive mobile design renders similarly on all devices.
Enrollment Success
Patients enjoy the simplicity of a singular, secure login to access medical information from a continuum of care (i.e., primary care physician, dermatologist, cardiologist, women’s specialty, etc.) across multiple locations. Enrollment in the patient portal has been highly successful to date. “More than twice as many patients are enrolling in Bridge Patient Portal than the average national enrollment data reflects for patient portals,” said CommUnityCare Director of Operations and Performance Improvement Mark Steiger. “Adoption and engagement were our biggest goals in this process. We needed a customizable product that provided a high-level Spanish interface and converted seamlessly on mobile platforms. Bridge Patient Portal not only provided the best value, but they delivered a perfectly tailored portal for our patient population.”
“The ability to communicate in your own language on any device increases a patient’s knowledge and ability to have a collaborative relationship with their caregivers,” said Bridge Patient Portal CEO John Deutsch.  “By implementing Bridge Patient Portal, the CCC’s healthcare partners can engage their patient population in a meaningful way, while improving health outcomes, improving care coordination, and increasing operational efficiencies.”
According to the CCC’s Mark Hernandez, M.D, implementation of Bridge Patient Portal with CommUnityCare was highly successful, and now it will be systematically rolled out to various CCC partners.  Bridge Patient Portal has already begun implementation with El Buen Samaritano and is slated to begin implementation with Austin Travis County Integral Care later this year.
To ensure health information is safe from unauthorized access, Bridge Patient Portal uses encrypted connections and data storage, employs strict authentication and access controls, and can provide HIPAA compliant hosting. Bridge Patient Portal is also 2014 ONC EHR-Modular Meaningful Use certified.
For a demo or to learn more information about Bridge Patient Portal’s features and pricing, visit or call (866) 838-9455.
About Bridge Patient Portal
Bridge Patient Portal is an enterprise portal platform that provides a superior experience for healthcare organizations and its patients. The Bridge Patient Portal platform is ideal for organizations seeking to replace their existing EHR portals or connect to disparate EHR environments with a single, EHR-agnostic patient portal platform. Founded in 2012 and headquartered inKirkland, Washington, Bridge Patient Portal has installations in more than 50 physician practices, hospitals and health systems nationwide.
About Community Care Collaborative
The Community Care Collaborative is a public/private partnership between Central Health and Seton Healthcare Family designed to better manage the healthcare needs of the safety net population living in Travis County, Texas. The Community Care Collaborative works closely with partners such as local federally qualified health centers, the Dell Medical School at TheUniversity of Texas at Austin, Seton Healthcare Family, and the local mental health authority, Austin Travis County Integral Care. The Community Care Collaborative’s goal is to develop a high-quality, cost-effective and person-centered local healthcare system that improves patient outcomes by seamlessly connecting them to a spectrum of primary care, specialty care, hospital and social service providers.
About CommUnityCare
With 24 locations in Travis County, CommUnityCare health centers provide services to more than 88,000 individual patients.  CommUnityCare services include outpatient primary healthcare, dental care, limited specialty care, lab, radiology including mammography, a full service pharmacy, and behavioral health services. CommUnityCare is committed to improving the health and well-being of its community. CommUnityCare works closely with a number of agencies and organizations in Travis County to pool resources, share ideas, and develop and implement programs to benefit Travis County residents.   
Bridge Patient Portal Media Contact
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Michael Scranton

Michael Scranton

As Director of Business Development, Michael is passionate about helping healthcare systems successfully transition to value-based care.

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