Dermatology Westchester PR Gives Expert Information, Boosts SEO

Robyn Nazar, RN

Robyn Nazar, RN

Posted on May 16, 2011

One of the major keys to a successful press release campaign is giving something the readers to link their own content to. Dermatology Westchester physician Dr. Abadir provides an excellent example of this type of campaign in their press release “Botox vs. Juvederm”.
The original purpose of a press release was to give newsworthy information to members of the media in hopes that they would in turn report on topic, bringing free publicity to the business. In other words, the readers of the PR provide the promotion. However, in today’s world of SEO, the use of press releases has evolved into an internet marketing strategy in itself. Links are embedded in press releases in order to build SEO and link building campaigns. Therefore they are distributed widely not for media readership, but for search engines. So in the end you wind up with press releases that are solely self-promotional, don’t offer any value to readers, and, therefore, are not read.
While this type of link building strategy is somewhat effective, its effect is limited. If a press release doesn’t offer anything of educational or newsworthy value to a reader, than the readers don’t participate in the promotion. Therefore the power of the press release doesn’t go beyond the number of websites that it is published on.
In his press release campaign Dr. Abadir from a Dermatology Westchester practice gave his readers something of value which in turn the readers turned and promoted.
Wrinkles in the skin can be caused by a loss of collagen or by repeated creasing and folding of the skin – such as by sleeping on the side of one’s face. “Fold a piece of paper or fold a sheet,” explains Dr. Abadir, a Botox Westchester provider. “Fold anything in the same place over and over again – what would happen?” The repeated folding and creasing action of the skin causes wrinkles, and Botox injections “relax the muscle in the area where the skin is creasing and allow the skin to lie flat.” As wrinkles are related to movement and Botox prevents muscles from moving, it also prevents new wrinkles from forming.”
In the excerpt above, the explanation given by the botox Westchester specialist, is automatically of value to online readers. They can copy this quote for use in their own articles, websites, or blogs which are then referenced back to the press release. This natural promotion effectively boosted this dermatology practice though promotional link building far beyond what writing for a search engine would do.
A similar effect can also be achieved by including statistics in your online press release, which have high linking value.
Updated: October 4, 2011

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