EMR Software Provider Bizmatics Introduces New, Easy Way to Track Progress on ARRA Meaningful Use Requirements

Marie Westerhof

Marie Westerhof

Posted on July 05, 2011

July 5, 2011 (San Jose, CA) – Clinical and business productivity solutions provider Bizmatics is announcing the launch of the ARRA Dashboard in their flagship EMR software PrognoCIS.  Dedicated to making it easier than ever for practices to obtain their ARRA funding, Bizmatics’ new tool allows users to track their progress on meeting the requirements for Meaningful Use.
The ARRA allots for federal incentives to practices and hospitals that use electronic medical records in order to help cover the costs of implementation.  However, the EMR must meet specific standards in order to qualify the user to receive this funding, and until now doctors have had no clear way of knowing whether they meet all the requirements.
Bizmatics’ feature-rich PrognoCIS EMR system now includes an ARRA Dashboard which serves as a clear, graphic representation of the practice’s progress on Meaningful Use implementation.  “We are very delighted to release this powerful graphical tool to help clinics secure their stimulus funding,” says Vinay Deshpande, CEO of Bizmatics and a key figure in the development of PrognoCIS EMR.  “With the click of a button, customers will instantly know the status of their implementation for ARRA.  The Dashboard reemphasizes our focus in usability, intuitive and ubiquitous interfaces, and easy workflows.”
Modeled after an automotive dashboard, the screen features a number of different “gauges” with needles pointing from zero to 100 to indicate the practice’s status in meeting the requirements.  The graphic design of the dashboard conveys the most important data quickly and effectively, and it highlights the critical information on one screen with real-time monitoring.
In addition to providing a view of progress at the provider level, PrognoCIS also shows the level of progress achieved at the encounter level with a Mini-Dashboard.  The Mini-Dashboard presents a complete picture of patient data collection and ensures that the user does not miss any steps and gathers all important data.  PrognoCIS also provides computerized alerts and reminders at different levels of data capture.  Bizmatics’ EMR developments simplify Meaningful Use and make it easy for practices to qualify for federal financing.
About Bizmatics
Bizmatics Inc. is a leading EMR, medical practice management and medical billing service provider with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features.  Their PrognoCIS EMR system is CCHIT- and ONC-ATCB-certified.  For more information, visit http://www.bizmaticsinc.com.

Marie Westerhof

Marie Westerhof

Marie is the Director of Marketing at Medical Web Experts, and has over 10 years of experience in the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns for healthcare organizations. She also heads complex medical writing projects for healthcare networks, hospitals, large physician groups, and independent physician practices.

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