MWE-Developed Mobile App Solution Launches New Version 1.1

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Universe mHealth App Platform, an mHealth company who with the assistance of Medical Web Experts has developed the leading enterprise mobile healthcare app announced their new Version 1.1 of the solution. The new version 1.1 includes a wealth of new functionality for performance, compatibility and compliance improvement. One of the most important functionality addition includes the addition of family/proxy accounts. This feature allows parents or caregivers to manager their child or care-receiver’s care, including paying bills, scheduling appointments, viewing medical records, messaging with providers/staff and much more. “Parents are amongst the most active patient portal users. Therefore, providing parents with the ability to easily manage their children’s care from a healthcare mobile app is an incredibly powerful feature, and was the most requested feature since the launch of version 1.0”, explains John Deutsch, Founder and CEO of Universe mHealth.

Universe mHealth App Platform is a feature-rich mhealth app solution that meets the ever growing need of enterprise healthcare organizations to engage patient populations via their mobile devices. Some of its core features include:

    • REACT Native code base for rapid deployment of new functionality
    • Full native iOS and Android compatibility
    • Singular app platform for the entire healthcare organization
    • Family/proxy accounts for parent/caregiver management of dependents/care-receivers  
    • Client-branded for logo, color scheme and name in Apple App Store and Google Play Store
    • Ability to select from a number of pre-built features, or the option to add custom features
    • Support for multiple, simultaneous interfaces (supporting API, FHIR, HL7, XML, CSV)
    • Advanced two-factor patient authentication via SMS
  • Patient self-registration and password resets

Learn more about the many features of the Universe mHealth App Platform:

As the Founder and CEO of Medical Web Experts, Bridge Patient Portal, and Universe mHealth, John is a health IT entrepreneur and business owner of 16 years with extensive experience in Healthcare IT. He’s cultivated a specialized expertise in areas such as business development, medical software development, patient portals, mHealth, patient engagement, HIPAA, electronic medical records, website development, and internet marketing for healthcare businesses.

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