Why Does Your Medical Practice Need Electronic Patient Intake Forms?

Ron Shoop

Ron Shoop

Posted on October 01, 2013

Electronic intake forms deliver high ROI for healthcare organizations, yet many patient portal companies don’t offer this valuable feature. This is a shame considering that as practices and hospitals migrate from paper forms to e-forms, they are looking for ways to automate and store patient records electronically and move them into their EMRs.
The benefits of utilizing intake forms within a patient portal include:

  • Improved productivity. Staff members spend less time processing completed forms, as patients are able to do this themselves online.
  • Easy access to patient data. When information is stored as structured data within the patient health record, it becomes easier for both physicians and patients to access it.
  • Convenience. Patients can fill out electronic forms at any time and from anywhere, saving time at check-in.

With MWE’s Bridge Patient Portal, once an Intake or Health Risk Assessment form is filled out by a patient, it can be sent to the physician’s EMR either as structured data or in PDF format. It is then recorded as a completed intake form and populated into the patient’s health history. Health Risk Assessment forms can be filled out every month to get an updated score on the patient’s health risk assessment. Physicians can view these results and provide encouragement or feedback based on each patient’s progress.

Health Risk Assessment patient form

A benefit to using Bridge Patient Portal is that intake forms can be incorporated into a practice’s medical website, allowing for the collection of patients’ health histories and credit card information (and the creation of the patient account), all via a secure form found on the provider’s public website.
Another thing that makes Intake forms attractive to both patients and providers is that the workflow process is streamlined and can take place without the patient having to call the physician’s office. This is convenient, saves time, and makes for a better overall patient experience.
All of our forms are fully customizable and can replicate any healthcare organization’s current paper forms.
About Bridge Patient Portal
Bridge Patient Portal is an easy to implement patient engagement solution with features like secured messaging, online appointment requests, refill requests, bill pay, and medical records all of which enhance care and communication between provider and patient. By improving the patient experience, healthcare organizations enjoy increased revenue and improved patient care measures. The patient portal is fully compliant for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, making it easy for practices and hospitals to add on the additional functionality for full attestation all for a price starting at $150/month and no long-term commitment.

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