Four Productivity Apps for Physicians

Candice Claassen

Candice Claassen

Posted on March 11, 2013

There are many applications developed for smartphones and tablets that allow people to get organized, become more efficient, and save time. There are productivity apps that help doctors streamline correspondence, store and manage notes for later reference, and even make it possible to perform simple tasks, like printing, without great complication. Knowing which tools to use can make a great deal of difference.
Here are four apps that we recommend downloading today:

1. Evernote

This is one of the best organization tools out there. It allows users to capture all kinds of data in a variety of formats (voice, picture, text, etc.). Doctors can benefit from Evernote by using it to record medical notes, such as atypical disease pathology, for later review.

2. The Merck Manual

This valuable and widely-used reference tool provides easy access to symptoms, diagnoses, and disease information. It is the perfect alternative to the book version, which is more than 3,000 pages long, not ideal for quick searches, and difficult for physicians to lug around.

3. PrinterShare Premium

This app allows doctors to print documents wirelessly, directly from their tablet. This can be useful for printing reference materials or prescriptions to be given to the patient at check out.

4. Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver lets users access their desktop computer remotely from a tablet. It is a great app for doctors who want to access their organization’s electronic medical record software  or patient portal without having to install it on their tablet, or for those who simply want to access important files without being tied down to their PC.
These are just some of the productivity apps that provide solutions to specific problems and assist doctors in easily carrying out tasks that might otherwise take long to complete. What other ones do you use?
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