Press Release: Medical Web Experts’ Leading Patient Portal Solution Launches New Brand and Website

Julie Ho

Julie Ho

Posted on August 12, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Medical Web Experts, a leading provider of web solutions for the healthcare industry, is announcing the launch of the Bridge Patient Portal brand and website ( Originally known as the Medical Web Experts Enterprise Patient Portal, the new brand and website is a result of significant growth in the software solution and is aimed at providing new and existing customers with a dedicated website for the software.


As Meaningful Use Stage 2 approaches, the software industry is seeing an increased demand for patient engagement solutions from practitioners and hospitals. A number of other factors are also influencing the medical industry’s needs for products that engage their patients – quality care measures are increasingly being linked to reimbursements, and doctors are also looking for ways to increase post-visit communication with patients for patient education and ongoing wellness monitoring.  A patient portal allows physicians to offer telemedicine services as well as more efficient management of chronic care patients.
But doctors are also being driven by an increased need to satisfy and retain patients.  “Patients are becoming more aware and selective when it comes to their healthcare decisions,” says John Deutsch, President and CEO of Medical Web Experts.  “The recent EMR Patient Impact Study showed that nearly 75% of patients want access to their medical records online, and those who did already have access were significantly more satisfied with their doctor.”
Bridge Patient Portal is a web-based, cloud application with a wide range of completely customizable features. It can be interfaced with any EMR, HIE, practice management software and billing software, which allows medical practices to automate time-consuming office functions through their portal.  Bridge Patient Portal is targeted at medical practices and hospitals that seek to offer a suite of solutions to their patients online, including online medical records collaboration, online bill pay, e-consultations, registration forms, prescription refills, appointment requests, and more. Bridge’s features help healthcare organizations be able to attest to Meaningful Use, improve patient engagement, produce alternative revenue streams, provide efficient post-visit care, and improve overall patient care.
About Medical Web Experts
Founded in 2003, Medical Web Experts ( specializes in custom web development for medical organizations, hospitals, and practices.  Their Bridge Patient Portal can help practices increase revenue and engage patients while meeting Meaningful Use requirements. For more information, visit
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