Second View Medical’s International Telemedicine Expansion

Winona Cruzan

Winona Cruzan

Posted on October 28, 2016

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When Second View Medical a one-stop-shop for patients seeking second opinions across a wide variety of specialties — came to Medical Web Experts (MWE), they had big goals. The practice wanted to develop a user-friendly, secure, full-service telemedicine platform that would allow doctors to provide second opinion consultations to international patients. Here’s how we worked together to come up with just the solution they needed.

Full-Service Medical Website Development Solution for Telemedicine

As a first step, Medical Web Experts’ CEO John Deutsch and Director of Client Management Jared Mauskopf conducted a couple discovery calls with the client. We learned that Second View Medical needed two things:

  1. A medical website that would introduce prospective patients to the practice and walk them through the process of seeking a second opinion online through their service.
  2. A secure patient portal that would provide a platform for secure communication between doctors and patients, allowing them send messages and share medical records and test results.

The creative, cost-effective solution that we came up with together was to combine custom healthcare website development with a patient portal platform by sister company Bridge Patient Portal. The portal was customized to address needs specific to telemedicine, while the website used a clean user interface, patient-friendly content, and graphics to show exactly how the second opinion process would work.

Developing a Healthcare Marketing Plan

Next, Second View Medical consulted with the Director of Marketing Marie Westerhof and the MWE Marketing Department. Based on these meetings and the team’s market research efforts, we were able to launch a tailored healthcare marketing campaign to promote the practice. MWE designed and implemented a plan for social media engagement, created and optimized a pay-per-click ad campaign, and took on reputation management efforts, all contributing to a strong online presence that would help the practice grow.

Expanding Their Physician Network

As Second View Medical expands internationally, they’re expanding their network of doctors as well. Second View Medical is currently welcoming U.S. physicians from all specialties to apply to join their team!
Each participating physician should expect to receive second opinion requests approximately 1-2 times per month, with a time commitment of approximately 30-45 minutes per client. Physicians will be compensated on a per client basis.


A screenshot of Second View Medical’s administrator dashboard for doctors. It includes features such as a patient engagement monitor, meaningful use queries, audits of portal actions, and a marketing report tool.

Second View is actively expanding their network of physicians. To become a part of the Second View network, please email Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Levin at

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