Healthcare IT Security

Medical Web Experts is a leader in providing effective security solutions to medical practices. Navigating the complicated waters of healthcare IT security is a daunting task for any medical practice or IT department. Our single focus on the medical industry has enabled us to specialize in this important, ever growing aspect of healthcare IT.

Website Security

As websites become more complex, the potential security risks increase. Ten years ago, when most businesses had very simple sites with just a few pages, there was little hackers could do besides take your website offline or delete your website files. Nowadays, websites are based on Content Management Systems (CMS). CMS’ use a database to store everything from your last blog post to your last contact us form request. Databases store valuable data: both in that it can be valuable to others, but that your website depends on it to work.

McAfee SecureMedical Web Experts has partnered with McAfee to provide their Site Secure website protection service. Offering comprehensive website protection from malware, viruses, DDoS attacks and other malicious attacks. Starting at $60/month per website.

Read a recent blog post by MWE’s CEO John Deutsch about Medical Website Security.

Secure Email

A good corporate email system designed to make your business more efficient while meeting HIPAA security guidelines should be a focus of all medical practices, big or small. Email has become such an important aspect of today’s business; it makes business sense to invest in a proper email system. The most time-saving email feature critical to every business is full email/calendar/contacts synchronization between your office PC, home PC, laptop and mobile phone. Features such as Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, unlimited attachment size and unlimited mailbox size are some other features that medical practices find valuable.

Zimbra logoMedical Web Experts has partnered with VMWare Zimbra to offer scalable and secure corporate email for hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare organizations seeking full HIPAA compliance. While other companies might claim to offer HIPAA certified email technology, there is no such thing as HIPAA certification. Our email system is, however, HIPAA compliant and meets the requirements set forth by HIPAA for Email Archiving and Security.


HIPAA is a highly complicated law (400 pages worth), even challenging for someone with both an IT and law background. Since its creation, there has been a lot of bark and no bite when it comes to enforcement – but this is all changing. In the past 2 years, we at Medical Web Experts have seen a significant increase in citations for HIPAA violations and medical practices being contacted with warnings from HIPAA governing organizations. Therefore, it is important to have a plan in place to meet HIPAA guidelines, focusing on the highest risk issues (i.e. data loss, lawsuits and website downtime) that can severely affect your business.

Medical Web Experts has a long history in helping medical practices meet and understand HIPAA guidelines.

SSL Certificates

Thawte logoMedical Web Experts offers Thawte and GoDaddy SSL certificates. SSL certificates are important to create encrypted Contact Us forms, Appointment Request forms, login areas and any other website feature that can contain sensitive patient information. Encryption of these types of website features is a requirement for HIPAA compliance.

Electronic Medical Records

Our extensive experience in Healthcare IT Security extends beyond the internet. Since we began in 2003, we’ve worked closely with numerous EMR companies and have assisted in hundreds of successful EMR implementations. Trust our team to guide you through a successful and secure EMR implementation.

Secure EMR and Patient Portal Interfaces

We work with Health Level Seven (HL7), Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Continuity of Care Records (CCR). We’ve also built custom, non-standard interfaces designed for advanced integration between multiple systems where external compatibility support isn’t required. No matter what your interface, medical web design or physician marketing needs, Medical Web Experts can help you find the perfect solution.

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