White Paper: The Importance of Software Maintenance for Healthcare Organizations

Software Maintenance for Healthcare Organizations: What’s Involved, and Why it’s 100% Necessary for the Success of Your Project

Often overlooked in the success of a software product is the importance of maintenance, as well as its role in a product’s evolution alongside user needs. Proper maintenance helps ensure that your application or portal:

  • Is consistently available, 
  • Performs optimally, 
  • Can be used correctly in new browser or operating system versions, 
  • Complies with government regulations, 
  • And is helping your organization to meet its goals.

Effective software maintenance requires more than a customer service representative for emergencies – it requires a highly capable operations and development team. But what’s involved in software maintenance? What services are included in a maintenance plan? The answer may depend on your development agency and your hosting plan, but there are a number of key services that every software maintenance plan should take into account. This white paper explores what software maintenance entails, and what key features your plan should include.

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