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Mobile technology is becoming an essential tool for healthcare providers and their patients. If your healthcare organization is looking to invest, it’s important to consider how the technology you choose will impact cost, ROI, and the quality of the end product.

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To simplify the process of choosing the right technology for healthcare application development, Medical Web Experts has created this guide for healthcare executives. It serves to clarify the technology options for healthcare organizations, including:

    1. Native Application Development: Apps that run directly on a mobile device without a browser component.
    2. Cross-platform Development: Apps that allow web apps to run on mobile.
    3. React Native Development: The new generation of mobile development technology created by Facebook.

We’ve provided a brief overview for C-suite level executives of the available technologies for building mHealth applications, and an unbiased assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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As Director of Business Development, Michael is passionate about helping healthcare systems successfully transition to value-based care.

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