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Don't Let Your EHR Interface Development Bottlenecks Delay Your Interoperability Initiatives

Medical Web Experts can guide your company through the complexities of healthcare interface development.

Healthcare interface developmentis inherently complicated, requiring experience and extensive developer resources. Today's healthcare organizations and their vendors are struggling to keep up with the interface development demand, and the problem is growing. At Medical Web Experts, we offer custom health interface development services for connecting EHR/EMR, practice management, revenue cycle management, patient portal, and HIE systems. With completed interfaces into many of the top EHR systems and experience with the latest health interface technologies and standards, you can count on Medical Web Experts for your next healthcare interface development project.

Proven EMR Interface Development Experience

Medical Web Experts has worked with many of the most recognized names in healthcare and is constantly growing their portfolio. Our custom healthcare interface development expertise has increasingly set us apart from others.

EHR Interface Development for Allscripts EMR Interface Development for Mirth EHR Interface Development for Labcorp Bridge Patient Portal EHR Interface Development EMR Interface Development for Greenway

Healthcare Interface Development for Cerner EHR Interface Development for Nextgen Healthcare EMR Interface Development for Athena Health Healthcare Interface Development for Authorize.net

The Latest EHR Interface Development Technologies and Standards

From HL7 to CCDA to FHIR to SNOMED to ICD-10 and everything in between, we make the ever-changing world of health information integration and standards a lot easier to handle. We make sure that your organization’s custom EHR interface development solution is making the most of recent technologies and following established standards.

HL7 IDC-10 CCNA Fihr

Blue Button Snomedct The Direct

API, HL7 and CCDA Custom Healthcare Interface Development

EMR interface development technologies and standards.

Over the years, we've developed many EMR interfaces, using a variety of technologies and standards. In this experience, we've developed advanced expertise with FHIR,HL7, CCDA and API technology. Examples of our EHR interface development expertise include our proprietary CCDA parser for handling CCDAs that don't meet standards. We have also developed robust APIs with supporting documentation for use with EHRs, mobile healthcare apps and more.

We Speak the Language of Healthcare IT and EHR Interface Development

Our healthcare interface developers have worked with many health technologies and standards. Medical Web Experts has extensive experience with using the following transport, messaging, and coding standards in our healthcare interface development projects:

Interface Transport

Interface Messaging

Coding Standards

Direct ProjectRxNorm
Blue Button

Consulting and EMR Interface Development Services

Medical Web Experts offers expert consulting services for a wide range of projects. We’ve worked with many of the leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Patient Portal and Practice Management Systems. Our project experience includes:

  • Healthcare interface development and consulting
  • HIE & Interface Engine development
  • HL7 markup/import/export
  • CCD markup/import/export
  • ASTM CCR markup/import/export
  • Direct messaging interface development
  • BlueButton+
  • MirthConnect customization
  • Custom web service interfaces

We Are Well Versed in HL7 Healthcare Interface Development Standards

There are many different ways to build interfaces to connect healthcare systems’ EHRs to patient portals for healthcare and other third party software applications. The most commonly used and discussed standards for interfaces in healthcare come from Health Level Seven (HL7) International. HL7 is an organization that develops standards with the aim of providing a comprehensive framework by which electronic health records can be shared, retrieved and exchanged. As part of any EMR interface development project, Medical Web experts readily works with data from HL7’s Messaging and Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) primary standards to make them available to patients and providers.

Leveraging Our HIPAA Expertise in EHR Interface Development to Keep Patient Information Secure.

HIPAA compliant websites are important. Medical Web Experts believes that EMR interface development is no exception. Regular audits by our internal compliance officer and annual 3rd party HIPAA audits are just some of the ways we demonstrate our commitment towards compliance. These services are extended to our clients as well. Learn more about our HIPAA and security auditing services.

HIPAA compliant EHR Interface Development

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Our Offices

We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

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Mailing Address

5950 Sherry Ln, Ste 405A
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Toll-Free: 1-866-932-9944

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