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Looking for a way to increase your search engine rankings while updating your site with new content whenever you want? Medical Web Experts offers the following two blog options:

  • External blogs: built outside of your site’s domain
  • Internal blogs: integrated into your website

Outfitting your practice, hospital, or healthcare organization’s website with a customized, professional-looking blog is more than just a great way to communicate with your site’s visitors and publish new information about your company on a regular basis. Blogging offers a huge boost to your SEO campaign and gives you the freedom to add new material to your site.

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SEO Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is almost essential for SEO success, but the way your blog will work for your website depends on which blogging platform you choose. Both internal and external blogs have amazing benefits for medical SEO campaigns, and they’re becoming increasingly important for visibility in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

A blog will allow you to:

  • Speak to your patients with informative posts from you and your staff
  • Keep your site’s viewers up-to-date on news, technology, and new procedures
  • Update your site regularly and provide fresh, original content
  • Build links going to specific pages on your site in accordance with your SEO campaign
  • Keep your content current in an instant, with no need to update your entire website

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Internal Blog

Google’s algorithm places a lot of emphasis on new pages and fresh content, meaning that websites that are updated regularly will naturally rank higher in the search engines. Blogging is one of the best ways to add new pages of original content to your website on a regular basis – and with almost zero effort.

Healthcare blog writingAn internal blog means that your blog will be incorporated into your website and a part of your site’s domain name. Your blog will match perfectly and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website. And with an internal blog from Medical Web Experts (we use WordPress, one of the most versatile and SEO-friendly blogging platforms available) you’ll be able to add new pages every week. Write a quick post, publish and enjoy regular attention. No need to contact your web design company or pay for website updates.

If you and your staff prefer, our medical content writing team is available to make regular posts and help you keep your blog current. Our professional content writers can maintain your blog for you, manage reader comments and update with SEO-optimized content as often as you choose. You can choose to be as involved (or hands-off) as you like.

External Blog

If an internal blog isn’t in your practice’s budget, an external blog built with and perfected by Medical Web Experts is an excellent and cost-effective way to get started with blogging for your site. Our external blogs are easy to use, easy to add new contributors, and posting regularly can have great benefits for your SEO campaign.

Medical blogBut the way an external blog works to boost SEO for your medical website is a little bit different than the way an internal blog works. An internal blog, which is embedded into your practice’s website, helps keep your site fresh with new pages of content every time you update. A blog built with an external platform exists outside of your website’s domain. This means that you’ll be able to use your blog to write SEO-friendly posts with keyword links back to your website to increase your presence in the search engines.

Both internal and external blogs offer a high degree of customization and a great way to increase traffic to your site. The right choice for you depends on your needs and budget. Contact us online or Call 1-866-932-9944 to talk to one of our SEO and internet marketing experts to learn more about the benefits of blogging for doctors.

Content Writing

We know that finding time to update your practice’s blog can be difficult. For busy doctors looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of SEO medical blogging without researching or writing posts, our professional medical content writing team can assist you with writing and posting materials to keep your blog current. We’ll work with you to determine your ideal posting schedule, the content and tone of posts, and important subjects or company news to cover on your blog.

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