Going Mobile with your Healthcare Website Design

Mobile website traffic is, not surprisingly, on the rise.  Taking a quick glance at one of our main EMR clients, we see an 85% growth in mobile traffic from 2010 to 2011 and this is standard.  There is no denying that this number will continue to increase as smartphones become more accessible. This is traffic that no website owner should ignore.

Certain mobile devices such as the iPhone can technically browse any site like a desktop. However, there are factors that should be adjusted to accommodate for the fact that it’s a phone. To provide the best user-experience certain factors need to be adjusted to help with issues like loading time and formatting.  Mobile devices take a notoriously long time to load sites and with each second a user has to wait to view content, the more likely he is to leave that page. With a bit of programming, the page sizes can but cut down for a much faster load time and therefore a lower bounce rate.  Additionally, some programming steps should be done for formatting. For example, the user should not have to scroll back and forth horizontally to read your site content.

Pull up your website on a Blackberry. If you are waiting 30 seconds for the page to load or having trouble reading your content, ask your web designer about medical mobile website design today.

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