The Convenience of Patient Healthcare Portal Prescription Refill Requests

Ron Shoop

Ron Shoop

Posted on September 26, 2013

Improving processes within a healthcare organization is a top priority for most practice managers and hospital administrators these days. With patients calling in to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and find out test results, office staff members have a lot on their plate. Attending to refill requests alone can occupy hours of time each week. It’s a process that requires the full and immediate attention of staff members, as they must stop whatever work they are doing in order to attend to and verify the patient refill request.
One solution to alleviate this issue and automate the refill request workflow process is to use a patient healthcare portal that has this capability. With the Rx Refill feature in MWE’s Bridge Patient Portal, patients can request a refill at any time online, and office staff can respond without interruption.
patient healthcare portal prescription refill requestThis simple, time-saving feature automatically populates the patient’s information within the fields when a patient requests a refill and sends it to the provider to take action.

  • To request a prescription refill, all the patient has to do is:
  • Select their physician from the list of doctors.
  • Select the medication to be prescribed.
  • Enter the medication frequency.
  • Add additional comments, if necessary.
  • Enter their pharmacy information.
  • Submit the refill request.

Once the refill request is submitted through the patient healthcare portal, notification is automatically sent to the office staff or physician through the physician portal where it can be verified and approved.
approve refill request
If interfaced with an EMR system or Script software, the notification is sent directly to that system without the need to go into the physician portal. In either case, the patient’s pharmacy will receive the refill request via the Scripts notification from the physician. Notification of the approved refill can be sent to the patient via the patient healthcare portal either by email or text message.
What makes the Rx Refill feature attractive to both patients and providers is that the workflow process is streamlined and can take place without the patient having to call in to the physician’s office. This feature makes for a convenient, time-saving, and better overall patient experience. Ultimately, higher patient satisfaction is the end result of using a healthcare portal.

About Bridge Patient Healthcare Portal
Bridge is the best patient portal software for patient engagement with features like online appointment requests, refill requests, bill pay, and medical records all of which will enhance healthcare  and communication between provider and patient. By improving the patient experience through a stream-lined healthcare portal, health organizations enjoy increased revenue and improved patient care measures. The patient healthcare portal is fully compliant for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, making it easy for practices and hospitals to add on the additional functionality for full attestation all for a price starting at $150/month.

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