What type of CMS is best for your medical practice?

There are some important things to consider when deciding whether you need a CMS behind your website.

A CMS (Content Management System) does not make bad content good. In other words, your content will be easier to publish and manage with a CMS, but it will only be as good as the people who produce it. There are some downsides to using a CMS such as limited ability to customize the design. For clients where a CMS is a project requirement and design customization is equally important, Medical Web Experts typically proposes a “Hybrid-CMS Site”.

What is a Hybrid CMS Site?

A Hybrid CMS Site is a site that utilizes a CMS for some content, and hard-coded web pages for other.  The Medical Web Experts site (www.medicalwebexperts.com) is an example of that, so is EliteHealth (www.elitehealth.com). Both of these sites have some elements which are hard-coded, such as the home page, about us page and main pages and other elements, such as the news, blog and article sections utilizing a back-end CMS. The concept of the Hybrid CMS is to put frequently changing content, such as news in a CMS so that it can be updated easier and relatively static content such as that found on a home page or the about us page in hard-coded pages.

Medical Web Experts` approach to CMS sites

Medical Web Experts` innovative, search engine-friendly website design and content management systems are tailored specifically to your practice. Our vast experience and adoption of best practices help us deliver results on every project. Through features such as blogging, patient education media, case studies and viral social bookmarking, MWE’s is confident it can greatly increase the popularity and exposure or your practice’s site.

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