Utilizing a Medical Content Writer for Your Website or Blog

Robyn Nazar, RN

Robyn Nazar, RN

Posted on October 14, 2011

What is a content writer?
A medical content writer is a professional writer who specializes in making the content of your website or blog attractive to potential clients as well as visible to search engines through SEO techniques. At Medical Web Experts we have medical content services on staff who are also licensed healthcare professionals in order to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the medical content on your website.
Content writers and website development
Whether you are creating a new website from scratch or making updates to your old website, a content writer will work with you to make sure all of your pages are written professionally, appropriate for SEO, and error free. You can choose the extent that you want your writer involved in the content development, ranging from suggestions and minor edits to a total creation of your web content.
Maintain your blog with a content writer
Having a blog as a part of your medical practice website is an essential part of remaining competitive in the healthcare business as well as for SEO. However, most medical practices are far too busy to keep up with the recommended 1-2 original articles per week on their blog. A content writer can help you maintain your blog by writing a pre-determined amount of articles per week. The writer can work independently, accept article topic suggestions, or schedule regular interviews with a practice member and utilize the interview content for articles.
How much do content writers cost?
The cost of a content writer depends on your individual contract with Medical Web Experts. Some SEO and web design packages may include content writing services. To contact us for more information about our services click here.

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