Five Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Sixty-one percent of people follow brands on social media – not for discounts or promotions, but because they want to show their loyalty and support. This means that building customer loyalty is important for medical practices that want to solidify their position in the community. Here, we’ve gathered a collection of tips for strengthening your bond with patients to improve retention and grow your brand.

  1. Customer loyaltyShow your appreciation. This can be as simple as sending a “Thank You” email or a postcard in the mail after a patient visits your office. You can also organize a Patient Appreciation Day to thank your loyal customers for their support.
  2. Listen. Chances are your patients are providing feedback, both in-person and on social media – but do you really take the time to listen to what they say? Find a way to analyze negative comments and complaints. These are opportunities for improvement.
  3. Be consistent. Patients like things that are familiar – and you want them to associate your company with certain values and ideals. So make sure that you offer a consistent service, such as returning phone calls and replying to emails on the same day.
  4. Give them more than they expect. Don’t wait for patients to ask for something. Instead, anticipate their needs. Is allergy season starting? Provide updates on social media on days that pollen counts are high.
  5. Provide exceptional customer service. Good service isn’t just about being courteous to patients visiting your practice. It extends to how those patients are treated after they walk out the door. A follow up call to see how a patient is progressing can be just as valuable as the care you provide in your office.

Remember, loyal patients are an important asset. Not only will they continue to choose your practice for their healthcare needs, but they can bring new business to your company by promoting your services to family and friends.

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