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We Manage Successful Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns for Medical Businesses.

If your business is looking for quick results and a steady stream of leads, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help you meet your marketing goals. Choose a price point that fits your budget, and start seeing results the very first month.

With over 10 years of medical PPC experience, we’re experts at constructing and managing high-converting, high-ROI campaigns. We’re a full-service ad agency that handles all aspects of your campaign, from keyword research to campaign structure to creative development. You’ll receive a monthly reporting detailing your campaign’s performance.

With Medical PPC, Get Leads in the Door Faster Than Ever

Your campaign will be up and running within weeks, and generating leads the very first month. Sensitive demographic targeting means that Medical Web Experts has the ability to define a specific group of web users to serve your ads to, which ensures that none of your budget is wasted on low-quality clicks.

What Can Pay-Per-Click Accomplish for My Hospital or Healthcare Business?

Boost Site Traffic

There’s no faster way to generate huge amounts of high-quality, relevant traffic. Online display advertising is fast, effective, and allows for narrow targeting that lets us pinpoint the exact demographic you’re looking to reach. Your ads will be up and running in days.

Promote Key Products or Services

Looking to increase your customer base for a particular product or service? We can help you with that. Our highly-targeted campaigns let us focus your marketing budget on promoting the aspects of your business that are highest on your priority list.

Build Brand Recognition and Gain Exposure

Medical social media advertising and Google display ads are highly effective methods of branding a business. Expose new potential users who fall into your ideal demographic target to your brand and its message. Recapture lost leads and bring them back to your website with a remarketing/retargeting campaign.

Complement Your SEO Campaign by Generating Instant Leads

Though search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly effective channel, it could be several months before the campaign is generating leads consistently. We frequently recommend medical pay-per-click as a supplement to an SEO campaign in development. This helps your business attract the customers it needs while we’re executing a more long-term marketing plan. You may find that you like the increase in leads from PPC ads - most of our SEO+PPC clients are so happy with their PPC success that they leave the campaign running permanently.

What’s Included With My Healthcare Online Advertising Campaign?

  • Keyword research & competition analysis. We’ll analyze your top competitors’ web presence, and develop an effective keyword strategy for you.
  • Complete campaign setup. Our team builds the campaign for you and customizes it to each platform you’re using.
  • Ad creative. We write and design all text and image ads.
  • Ongoing campaign management and optimization. Monthly maintenance hours ensure that your healthcare pay-per-click campaign continues to provide the highest ROI possible.
  • Monthly reporting & analysis. We’ll produce a custom report showing campaign performance, top keywords, and top ads.

The Risks of Choosing a Local Agency

If you’re marketing a healthcare business online, it’s important that your agency understands the requirements for HIPAA compliance as well as advertising restrictions on medical businesses. Most local agencies don’t specialize in medical, and are unaware of the need for healthcare businesses to consider HIPAA regulations when building a website or running a marketing campaign. We’re experts in HIPAA, are willing to sign a BA agreement if your business requires it, and understand the considerations that a healthcare marketing campaign requires.

Trusted by Healthcare Since 2003

With over 10 years of experience managing medical PPC campaigns, our team understands the challenges and requirements of a successful campaign. Your business will benefit from a dedicated Client Manager and PPC Campaign Manager with advanced knowledge in marketing for hospitals, pharmacies, software businesses, and more.

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We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

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Toll-Free: 1-866-932-9944

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