5 Medical Web Design Principles to Instantly Increase Conversion Rates

Gretchen Kalthoff

Gretchen Kalthoff

Posted on March 15, 2016

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Conversions are the cornerstone of good medical website design, and an effective, efficient design is essential for converting customers from your website into patients for your business.
Listed below are the five best design principles for your medical website to help you achieve better conversion rates.

1. User-Friendly Design

A user-friendly web design is one that is easy for visitors to navigate. It should feature a navigation menu that explains how the information is organized, and is consistent on every page of your website. If it is too difficult to follow, people will become frustrated and may be less likely to convert to patients. Your medical website should also include your practice’s phone number and address in the footer. Ensuring that important information is clear and easy to obtain will result in a higher conversion rate.

2. Responsive Design

Customers increasingly expect websites to work properly from wherever they are, or on whatever device they are using. According to a recent report, the number of mobile-only internet users now exceeds desktop-only users in the United States. Make sure your organization takes advantage of responsive web design so you don’t frustrate customers with your website and potentially lose the opportunity for conversions. Your medical site should “respond” to the screen size of a variety of devices so potential patients can easily read and navigate the same website on a cell phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

3. Strong Calls to Action

Strong calls to action should be present on all pages. Distinguishing your CTA buttons are one of the most important elements for influencing your conversions. Your medical practice website may use a “Contact Us” or “Request an Appointment” form – both of which should be easily visible to visitors. Google Maps, which clearly shows the location of your medical practice, can also be used to encourage visitors to take action and should be included with your contact details or any other relevant locations on your site.
Placing the calls to action inside a container, such as putting the words “Contact Us” inside a circle or button, can help make your CTAs stand out from other elements on the page.

4. Simple Terminology

Don’t assume that people coming to your site will be familiar with your products or services. Provide all the essential information that a visitor needs to know so they can quickly understand what your business is about. If the services you offer include complex medical terminology, try to use simple words that can express concepts in an uncomplicated manner. Easy-to-read language can help visitors comprehend your content and find the information that is important for them.

5. A Design That Works

Great medical website design should strike a balance between conversion goals and aesthetics to effectively sell your products or services. Your website should be attractive enough to grab the attention of visitors, with an overall design that is appealing to the eye and captures the essence of your brand. A good design will let the content shine without the distraction of graphic elements which, in contrast, should work behind the scenes to influence visitors and help to improve conversions.
These tips will instantly help boost conversions of your medical practice website and help you to get the most out of your site traffic.

Gretchen Kalthoff

Gretchen Kalthoff

Gretchen Kalthoff is a writer and marketing specialist for MWE. She is an expert in healthcare marketing and health IT with a special interest in increasing patient engagement through social media and healthcare technologies.

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