Hiring a Medical Web Designer? Don’t Make This Mistake

Candice Claassen

Candice Claassen

Posted on April 06, 2015

medical web design
The biggest mistake that many practices make when choosing a medical website designer is hiring a company that doesn’t know much about marketing. They end up with a website that looks good but that isn’t effective in advancing the practice’s goals – for example, attracting new patients.
What many fail to realize is that you need a medical website design that not only looks good but that makes people respond to your call-to-action, or in marketing terms, convert.
[related_content]If you want to be sure that your medical web design company knows a thing or two about marketing, consider a few questions: do their past websites have a responsive design? Do the websites have a clear call-to-action, and is the contact information highly visible? The point is to discern whether or not the total return on investment outweighs the initial investment of the website design. If you choose a web designer based solely on the aesthetics of his or her past work, you are missing the purpose of a good-looking website.
A reliable web designer will know how to produce design that converts, usually by adhering to the most timeless of trends: simplicity. Flat design, highly focused and clean, is achieved by clearing out invasive elements. Think Apple, Squarespace, Dropbox and Google.
It is also important to eliminate distracting imagery in favor of white space. Limit choices by using as few navigation items as possible so users don’t get lost. Use a narrow and wide color display to draw attention to the most important messages. Give your content a clear hierarchy, with the most important information hitting the eye first.
An apt designer knows how to use these elements to tell a story, creating design driven by concepts and underpinned by clean, semantic code. When you’re feeling indecisive, remember: simplicity is strategy and conversion is key.

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