The Benefits of Outsourcing your MVP Development

The Benefits of Outsourcing your MVP Development

Approaching your healthcare application development project with the plan of developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is almost always recommended.

One might think that the idea of developing a product with less functionality might be a shortcut or involve less work, but from a planning perspective, it is exactly the opposite. One must envision all the functionality that the product would offer over the coming years, then decide what gets included in the MVP, including the first phase and subsequent phases. This requires a greater understanding of the market and how one will meet the market need while making the lowest investment into actual coding possible.

Scott Craig from AccelOne, a Seattle-based software development company explains that an outsourced software development company brings many benefits to the MVP planning and development process, including:

    • Improved decision making when it comes to choosing the best features for the MVP, based on the overall value they offer the market
    • Reduce the risk of scope creep, budget overrun and overuse of internal resources (typically in short supply)
    • Better definition of expectations for the time-frame to release to market and budget
  • Idea validation from an experienced development team

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