Top Hospital Website Designs

If you are in the market for hospital website design and are looking for some inspiration you have come to the right place. After sorting through hundreds of websites we have narrowed it down to 5 websites that exemplify an elite level of hospital design. Chosen not only for their stylish designs these websites also excel in ease-of-use, conveying relevant information and incorporate a solid SEO structure for an effective hospital internet marketing campaign.

  1. Mount Sinai Medical Center Heart Institute. This elegant and professional website design, created by Medical Web Experts, stands out among hospital websites. Rich colors, soft corners, fast-loading pages and easy navigation makes this website ideal for attracting new patients. Furthermore, the designers incorporated a sophisticated SEO strategy built into its layout, linking, and page designs which direct high volumes of internet traffic to the website.
  2. Seattle Children’s Hospital. This sleek web design uses a mix of media and color scheme to stay true to the young clientele, without sacrificing professionalism. The scroll-over drop down menu and slide-show news updates make the site visually appealing and provides easy-to-use navigation. Plus, healthcare provider written blogs which appear on the home screen builds trust with the readers and draws readers deeper into the website.
  3. Columbus Regional Hospital. With a soothing color scheme and flash intro this site immediately grabs a visitors attention. The home page is free from clutter and uses a tabbed drop-down menu which keeps the site sleek and organized. The designer also incorporated social networking tools into the design which help promote internet traffic to the site.
  4. Swedish. This major brand of hospitals welcomes you to their website with a minimalist design, flash into, and icon graphics to guide you where you need to go. Shades of black, blue, and white create clean contrast and reflect the professionalism and style of this hospital.
  5. Kindred Hospital. Another gorgeous website design that balances warm colors, pleasing graphics, and a simplistic design that is easy for visitors to navigate. There is a zoom feature on the top of the home page for those who have difficultly viewing the screen. Plus large visuals and use of graphic helps direct readers easily through the site.

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