10 Marketing and Medical Website Design Tools We Love for Healthcare Businesses

Marie Westerhof

Marie Westerhof

Posted on February 02, 2016

Discover Tools for Medical Website Design and Valuable Medical Marketing Services
Creating a digital marketing campaign that’s effective for medical and health businesses is not without its quirks. You’re sure to find yourself with different needs than if you were marketing a product or a local business –specializes in medical marketing services.
We loved Graig Norden’s Digital Marketing Toolkit, and we wanted to share our thoughts on some of the tools he mentioned that we also swear by.

  1. Advanced Web Ranking. We’re in here every week. If you’re running an SEO campaign (or even if you’re not doing active SEO, but are concerned about rankings), this one is an excellent way to automate tracking and reporting.
  2. Google AdWords. Think of SEO as a marathon, and AdWords as a sprint. If one of our clients is looking for more patients right away, we use AdWords PPC to get them there.
  3. AdRoll. Retargeting – i.e. displaying ads for your business to users who have previously visited your website – is a proven way to bring potentially lost customers back to your site. Using AdRoll lets you manage all your retargeting (also called “remarketing”) in one place, including your Facebook and banner ad remarketing campaigns.
  4. Google URL builder. An essential for medical marketing services, social media, advertising, and email marketing tracking within Analytics.
  5. Optimizely. We use this for conversion optimization – it lets us test small medical website design changes, one at a time, to determine how seemingly meaningless factors like button color or form titles affect conversions. (In one test, modifying the format of a contact form increased submissions by over 40%.)

Below, we’re adding some of our own favorite tools for medical marketing services:

  1. BrowserStack. Absolutely the best way to test across multiple browsers and devices. If you want your website to look the same to all users, you need this.
  2. MailChimp. A monthly newsletter is a great solution for practices interested in patient retention, or for healthcare businesses interested in repeat customers. We swear by the fantastic medical website design options and reliability that comes with using MailChimp.
  3. Unbounce. If you’re running a PPC campaign with a broad focus across many different products or keywords, it helps to have medical website design options for building and testing dedicated landing pages. We really like Unbounce’s flexibility and user interface.
  4. Bing ads. Yes, people really do use Bing! Bing search ads are a great way for small businesses to expand their advertising presence, but Bing’s best application is to health IT businesses (think EMR/EHR marketing, portals, etc.). Conversions are often quite a bit cheaper than with AdWords.
  5. Moz. A classic. It really is one of the best SEO tools for tracking backlink quality, social media presence, and rankings. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Want to learn more about medical marketing services? Leave a comment below, or drop us a line.

Marie Westerhof

Marie Westerhof

Marie is the Director of Marketing at Medical Web Experts, and has over 10 years of experience in the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns for healthcare organizations. She also heads complex medical writing projects for healthcare networks, hospitals, large physician groups, and independent physician practices.

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